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Fujitsu Scholarship for Advance Management Studies in JAIMS Hawaii

The Fujitsu Scholarship provides full financial assistance for postgraduate education and cross-cultural Management training in the East-West Knowledge Leaders Program (EWKLP) to participants from the Asia-Pacific region.

Fujitsu Limited established the Fujitsu Scholarship Program in 1985 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of its founding.

The EWKLP has a three-month curriculum, which synthesizes the best practices of both the East and West. You will sharpen your global management knowledge and skills, and build the confidence necessary for success in global business situations.

EWKLP is run by JAIMS, in Honolulu, Hawaii. Fujitsu established JAIMS as a nonprofit postgraduate institute in 1972. Many Fujitsu Scholarship recipients are now working for corporate and social-service organizations across the globe.

As a EWKLP graduate, you too will become a member of a vibrant global alumni network.

Fujitsu Scholarship for Advance Management Studies in JAIMS Hawaii Qualification

Qualifications for Fujitsu Scholarship :

In addition to qualifying for the Fujitsu Scholarship, you must also qualify for admission to JAIMS EWKLP. For complete EWKLP information, refer to the EWKLP Application Packet contained at the bottom of the Application Checklist section.

Benefits for Fujitsu Scholarship :

The Fujitsu Scholarship benefits include tuition and fees for the EWKLP program. Other benefits, which vary in amount each year, are also included.

* Tuition and Fees for the EWKLP

* Stipend Toward Living Expenses*

Fujitsu Scholarship for Advance Management Studies in JAIMS Hawaii Application

* Applicants from the following countries/areas are not eligible to receive the monthly stipend : Australia, Hawaii, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan.

* Airfare : Fujitsu Ltd. will provide a round-trip air ticket to cover transportation from the participants home country to Honolulu, and back. The selection of the air carrier and travel agent, including itinerary, is at the discretion of Fujitsu Ltd. In the event the participant wishes to change and/or expand the route and/or the period of stay, Fujitsu Ltd. reserves the right to withhold the original ticket.

* Health Insurance : Fujitsu Ltd. will provide medical insurance that covers a portion of the participants medical expenses during the program period. The participant pays all medical expenses not covered by the medical insurance. The selection of the medical insurance plan is at the discretion of Fujitsu Ltd.

* Housing Arrangements : JAIMS will assist in locating appropriate housing in Honolulu for all participants. Fujitsu Ltd. will provide and pay for participant accommodations in Japan.

* Visa Arrangements : When applicable, participants will be assisted in obtaining the F-1 Student visa to enter the U.S. EWKLP participants will be assisted with the appropriate visa to enter Japan, if necessary. The expense of obtaining the visa is the financial responsibility of the participant.

Fujitsu Scholarship for Advance Management Studies in JAIMS Hawaii Application Deadline

  • Application Deadline for Fujitsu Scholarship : 30th September, 2017

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Application Form Submission 16 Dec 2020 to 16 Jan 2021.