John Dewan Memorial Labor Studies Scholarship

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John Dewan Memorial Labor Studies Scholarship

The purpose of this scholarship is to provide an education stipend to residents of Michigan for successful completion of labor studies classes at an accredited Michigan college, community college, or university, or the George Meany Center for Labor Studies.

John Dewan Memorial Labor Studies Scholarship Eligibility

  • Be in good standing when they apply and continue to be in good standing and meet all academic standards while receiving a scholarship.
  • Be sponsored by a member in good standing of a labor organization, an officer of a labor organization, or a member of the Dewan family;
  • Continue to pursue a labor studies program while receiving a scholarship;
  • Achieve a minimum of 2.0 on a 4.0 GPA scale in labor studies courses;
  • Agree to provide the Foundation with a copy of their transcript and course syllabus at the end of the period for which they received a scholarship.
  • Write and submit with their application an original essay of between 500 and 750 words ( typed ) on ONE OF THE FOLLOWING THREE TOPICS :
  • How have Union political efforts been of benefit to American society?
  • Pick a president or political figure that strikes your interest. Explain why you chose that president or person and discuss that persons relationship with the Labor Movement.
  • Pick a historical period in the United States. State the Labor-related issues of this period. How have these events affected the Labor Movement? What lessons and strategies will help us in the future to keep the Labor Movement visible?
  • Include a resume or personal background summary (no more than two pages) and a signed letter of recommendation from the sponsor.

John Dewan Memorial Labor Studies Scholarship Application

John Dewan Memorial Labor Studies Scholarship Application Deadlines

  • Incoming freshman students must apply for admission before December 31 and transfer students must apply by March 1
  • For all other Grand Valley scholarships the application period opens October 1 with most scholarships having March 1

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