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AAA Minority Dissertation Fellowship

The American Anthropological Association invites minority doctoral candidates in anthropology to apply for a The 2009 Fellow, Sherina Feliciano-Santos (center) with the two honorable mentions (left to right), Rebecca Louise Carter and Su’ad Khabeer.

Photo taken at the 2009 Annual Meeting in Philadelphia, PAdissertation writing fellowship of $10,000.

The annual AAA Minority Dissertation Fellowship is intended to encourage members of ethnic minorities to complete doctoral degrees in anthropology, thereby increasing diversity in the discipline and / or promoting research on issues of concern among minority populations.

Dissertation topics in all areas of the discipline are welcome.Doctoral students who require financial assistance to complete the write-up phase of the dissertation are urged to apply.

A nonrenewable dissertation fellowship of $10,000 will be provided annually to one anthropology graduate student.

Eligibility for AAA Minority Dissertation Fellowship

An applicant must be :

  1. a US citizen;
  2. a member of an historically underrepresented ethnic minority group, including, but not limited to: African Americans, Alaskan Natives, American Indians or Native Americans, Asian Americans, Latino / as, Chicano / as, and Pacific Islanders;
  3. enrolled in a full-time academic program leading to a doctoral degree in anthropology at the time of application
  4. admitted to degree candidacy before the dissertation fellowship is awarded; and
  5. a member of the American Anthropological Association. The dissertation proposal must be approved by the applicant’s committee prior to application. Students of any subfield or specialty in anthropology will receive equal consideration.

Eligibility Requirements for AAA Minority Dissertation Fellowship

  • Candidates must have a record of outstanding academic achievement.
  • Applicants must be members of the American Anthropological Association at least one month prior to submitting materials for the AAA Minority Dissertation Fellowship Program.
  • Applicants must have had their dissertation proposals approved by their dissertation committees prior to application.
  • The dissertation research must be in an area of anthropological research.
  • The recipient of the fellowship must be in need of a fellowship to complete the dissertation. The applicant will be required to provide information regarding their current financial and funding situation.

Application deadline for AAA Minority Dissertation Fellowship : 15 February2011

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