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Fellowships at the Academy of Spain in Rome for Spanish and Latin American

Study Subject : Sculpture. Painting,. Video creation. Engraving. architecture. Photography.Music and musicology. Performing arts.Cine. Movies, Creation and literary criticism. Aesthetics and museology. Theory, analysis, and criticism of the Fine Arts.

Employer : MAEC and AECI

Level :  an artist and creator

The annual announcement of the Scholarship Program for further study art at the Academy of Spain in Rome, in collaboration with the Fundación Rafael del Pino, primary aims to contribute to the formation of creative arts and humanities, restorers and Spanish and Latin American researchers, derived in order to achieve a greater presence of Spanish culture in Italy, a better understanding of the cultures of both countries and greater cultural links between Europe and Latin America.

Academy of Spain Scholarship Application Deadline :  4 February  2011

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Application Form Submission 16 Dec 2020 to 16 Jan 2021.