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Angel Pedraza College Scholarship

The Angel Pedraza AFS Scholarship was created in memory of Angel Pedraza (pictured right with filmmaker Robert Rodriguez) with the conviction to keep his spirit alive by supporting like-minded up and comers striving to achieve their potential and creative film making dreams.

The scholarship will be awarded annually to a high school senior based on artistic potential, strength of character, and dedication to the art of film making or related digital media field.

Eligibility Requirements for Angel Pedraza College Scholarship :

  1. The student is a high school senior in 2010-11 school year.
  2. The student plans to attend a post-secondary school within two semesters of graduating from high school.
  3. The student will study film or a film-related area, such as new media, digital media, or animation.
  4. The student completes the application and submits appropriate resume, essay and the 2-5 minute creative media work sample as quick time movies on DVD.

Selection Process for Angel Pedraza College Scholarship :

After the January 21, 2011 deadline, each application will be reviewed and scored by members of the Austin Film Society’s Film Programs Committee or contributing members of the Community Education Subcommittee.

The committee will evaluate the applications based on the following :

  • Creative Vision, Accomplishments & Potential
  • Evidence of Personal Growth through the Arts
  • Demonstrated Leadership Abilities
  • Commitment to pursuit of career as filmmaker or in creative media field.
  • Financial Need

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