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Fellowships at Auschwitz for the Study of Professional Ethics (FASPE) 2011, USA

Study Subject : Ethics

Employer: FASPE

Level: Doctoral

FASPE for Medical Students is an intensive two week fellowship program that examines the roles of physicians in Nazi Germany and during the Holocaust, underscoring how the moral codes that govern the medical profession can break down or be distorted.

The program’s integrated approach includes historical, medical, philosophical, and literary sources; survivor testimony; and onsite workshops in Germany and Poland.

The FASPE Medical Program examines the following topics, among others :

  • The complicity of medical professionals in Nazi policies and the Holocaust.
  • The relationship between state authority and medicine.
  • The role and limits of contemporary bioethics (including euthanasia/physician assisted suicide).
  • The legacy of prejudice in the medical profession.
  • Ethical challenges of political issues facing the health care profession today.

The goal of FASPE is to provide students, through the exploration of these issues and visits to Holocaust sites, with new insights that will help them tackle problems of moral reasoning in their future careers.

Fellowship Application Deadline for Auschwitz Fellowship : 15 December 2010

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