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Behavioral Health Fellowship

Study Subject : Behavioral health
Employer :  Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates
Level :  PhD, Postdoctoral

The Behavioral Health Fellowship is a oneyear, interdisciplinary program open to post-doctoral psychologists, masters prepared psychiatric nurses and social workers.

The program provides in-depth training in time-effective therapy, psychiatric and psychopharmacological evaluation, case management, focused treatment models, change theory, and motivational intervention.

We strive to help fellows develop clinical innovation within a system that actively manages care. Fellows practice part time (20 hrs/week) and receive supervision at Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates (HVMA) , a non-profit, multi-specialty medical group practice that provides care to over 350,000 adult and pediatric patients at over 20 offices in Boston and surrounding areas.

Clinical placements are available working with adults and/or children. Fellows also attend a weekly seminar at the Kenmore Center that features presentations by experienced behavioral health clinicians with expertise in a wide variety of clinical areas as well as consultation on practice management and administrative issues relevant to contemporary behavioral health practice.

The Behavioral Health Fellowship has graduated more than 240 fellows over the past twentyseven years.

Over 60 of these fellows have been hired by Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates as permanent clinicians, a fact that attests to the high quality of our participants and the excellence of our training.

Fellows have gone on to assume leadership positions within HVMA and in the larger community.

Eligibility Requirements and Compensation : Nurses and Social Workers who have completed their Master’s Degree. Psychologist applicants who have completed requirements for their PhD and a minimum of a one year pre-doctoral internship.

Fellows receive $15,000 per year for the half- time fellowship and three weeks vacation / sick time.

Fellowship Application Deadline for Behavioral Health Fellowship : 7 January 2011

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