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Bernard L. Majewski Fellowship

The Bernard L. Majewski Research Fellowship is funded by an endowment provided through the generosity of Mrs. Thelma Majewski and is intended to provide research support for a recognized scholar in the history of economic geology and to facilitate the Fellow’s use of archival collections in the American Heritage Center, University of Wyoming.

The Fellow shall be appointed for a period of one calendar year. During this time the Fellow will carry the title of the Bernard L. Majewski Research Fellow and represent the University of Wyoming as such.

Administration of the Fellowship will be the responsibility of the Director, American Heritage Center.

Selection Committee

The Fellow will be selected by a committee comprised of faculty from the American Heritage Center and various University of Wyoming academic departments.

The Fellow will be selected at the beginning of each year and will receive prompt notification of their selection. Research supported by the Fellowship should be conducted by the Fellow within one year of notification.


The Fellow will be a recognized scholar in one of the fields of research outlined. The Fellow should have a record of publication in the field or show significant potential for publication.

Young scholars, minorities, and multi-disciplinary researchers are encouraged to apply.

Selection of the Fellow will be made by the Selection Committee, as previously described, and will be on the basis of scholarly merit with no consideration of race, sex, ethnic background, or financial need.

The Committee shall, however, consider the applicant’s ability to complete the research project and bring it to publication in a timely fashion.

Scholarship Application Deadline for Bernard L. Majewski Fellowship : February 21,  2011

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