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Civil Service Awards Fellowship for Candidates of Georgia and Moldova

Study Subject :  Policy analysis and implementation

Employer :  Open Society Foundations

Level :  Master’s

The Civil Service Awards of the Open Society Scholarship Programs are fellowships for master’s degree study, offering professional training and development to public sector employees engaged in policy analysis and implementation.

Currently, the program is offered in Georgia and Moldova.

A modern, professional and transparent public administration is essential for furthering reform and development agendas.  This program is designed to meet the professional development needs of mid- to top-level staff of governmental ministries and agencies.

The fellowship targets career civil servants who demonstrate both academic and professional excellence and the potential to become leaders, decision-makers, and agents of change in their home countries.

Upon completing the degrees, grantees return to employment at a position determined by the home government for a commitment of three years.

Civil Service Awards Scholarship Application Deadline :  February 21,  2011

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Application Form Submission 16 Dec 2020 to 16 Jan 2021.