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Class of 1939 Summer Research Fellowship

Study Subject : Arts and Humanities, Engineering, Science, Social Science

Employer : Columbia College

Level : Graduate

Columbia College sophomores and juniors are invited to apply for the Class of 1939 Summer Research Fellowship. This fund was established by the class of 1939 in honor of the fiftieth anniversary of its graduation.

This scholarship is meant to provide funds for students to pursue independent research or to qualify as assistants in on-going laboratory projects over the summer at a location of their choosing.

Students are expected to carry out this research under the supervision of a faculty member from Columbia who will be required to sponsor the project and provide advice before, during, and after the period of the research.

This scholarship will give students the opportunity to pursue their intellectual goals, gain valuable research experience, and cultivate stronger relationships with a faculty member.

Funds will be awarded in amounts ranging from $500-$5000, dependent upon the budget the applicant submits. Please also note that this scholarship cannot be used for the completion of coursework.

Scholarship Application Deadline for Class of 1939 Summer Research Fellowship : 4  April  2011

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