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Dorot Fellowship

Alliance for Justice is a national association of more than 100 organizations dedicated to advancing justice and democracy.

For 30 years we have been leaders in the fight for a more equitable society on behalf of a broad constituency of environmental, consumer, civil and women’s rights, children’s, senior citizens’ and other groups.

Alliance for Justice is premised on the belief that all Americans have the right to secure justice in the courts and to have our voices heard when government makes decisions that affect our lives.

Role and Responsibilities :

  • Monitor federal judicial nominations.
  • Conduct comprehensive research analyzing nominees’ records and then p draft reports for the press, the public, and the Senate.
  • Conduct statistical analysis of judicial nominations.
  • Examine Supreme Court and lower court decisions and write editorial summaries for AFJ’s online bulletin, Full Court Press.
  • Attend Senate Judiciary Committee hearings, executive committee sessions, and votes.
  • Attend and report on weekly meetings of the Coalition for a Fair and Independent Judiciary.
  • Participate in meetings with other local organizations pertaining to issues around judicial selection.
  • Oversee the work of volunteer legal researchers.
  • Perform other duties as necessary.

Qualifications for Dorot Fellowship :

  • Juris Doctor degree
  • Excellent research, writing, and oral communications skills
  • Ability to analyze and clearly explain concepts of law and public policy
  • An interest in the judiciary
  • A demonstrated commitment to the public interest

Salary & Benefits :

Salary starts at $40,000 plus benefits.

Application Deadline for Dorot Fellowship :

November 15, 2010.  Applicants should submit a cover letter explaining your interest in Alliance for Justice, resume, writing sample, transcript, and a list of references.

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