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GE / NMF Medical Scholars Program

A key NMF initiative is mentored externships that focus on improving the educational experiences of minority medical students that can also increase access of underserved populations to quality healthcare delivery.

The GE / NMF Medical Scholars Program enhances the knowledge skills and competencies of health professionals serving a diverse client population nationally and globally, provides a program model of mentored externship experiences for 4th year US minority medical students, and improves patient care in partner countries. GE / NMF Medical Scholars complete a two-month elective in Ghana or Uganda, West Africa that focuses on critical regional health care needs.

This two-month clinical/public health elective is conducted in district hospitals, and focuses on critical health care issues such as HIV/AIDS, diabetes, tuberculosis, heart disease, cancer, and infant mortality.

Program Expectations :

Prior to departure, the selected scholars receive briefing materials. Upon arrival in the host country, they participate in a more intensive orientation session led by the Program Coordinator during which they receive their specific assignments.

Working with mentors, scholars have the opportunity to work at two sites within the fellowship host country.

The following are program requirement which every scholar must complete:
An individual project Written project Presentation Weekly journals Team project.

Each GE / NMF Scholar participant authors a report and PowerPoint presentation detailing their clinical findings and experiences. Weekly observation journals, focused on medical service and patient care, are required.

A team project, focusing on patient care and evaluating equipment and institutional capacity in collaboration with district staff, is required. Students participate in a mid-term assessment, a culminating event that includes individual and team presentations (PowerPoint required), and an end-of-program assessment.

Duration of Program :

Ghana: March 20, 2011 to May 15, 2011 (subject to change)
Uganda: March 27, 2011 to May 07, 2011 (subject to change)

Living Conditions :

Ghana and Uganda both located in West Africa provide a great opportunity for those interested in healthcare in developing countries, in tropical medicine and/or community healthcare service. Former GE / NMF Scholars note the impact of the program on their lives particularly in their personal contact with diseases studied previously only in textbooks.

Applicants should be prepared to work within the program guidelines and accept local living conditions including double occupancy hostel-type accommodations at some sites, local food traditions, periodic water shortages and electrical outages, spotty internet access, and adherence to precautions required of a tropical climate (mosquito nets, malaria prophylaxis, sunscreen).

Scholars who bring laptops to complete course requirements can easily do so (at their own risk) as long as they also bring surge protectors. Each student will be loaned a cell phone during the program.

Some group social activities will be provided at the beginning, middle, and conclusion of the program. Students must be aware that the program allows for only limited travel. Students who wish to stay longer to see the country may do so at their own expense, but all students must participate in all program activities and depart for host country together.

Eligibility Requirements for GE / NMF Medical Scholars Program :

To be eligible, candidates must be underrepresented minority students enrolled in their fourth-year in an accredited U.S. medical school (MD or DO). Candidates must demonstrate outstanding academic achievement as evidenced in academic transcripts, faculty evaluations, receipt of special academic or national medical society honors, fellowships, awards; leadership as indicated by active participation in international health, community-based activities or initiation of innovative projects; and potential for distinguished contributions to medicine as indicated by participation in research, publications or unique clerkships.

NMF may reserve one fellowship for a first or second year resident who has participated in the program in previous years.

Application and Selection Criteria for GE / NMF Medical Scholars Program :

Students must be nominated by their medical school deans. Each completed application must be accompanied by a letter of nomination that fully explains the candidate’s academic and leadership accomplishments during medical school, an official academic transcript, a curriculum vitae, and a personal 500-word statement in which the student discusses his/her motivation for a medical career and commitment to primary care, public or international health specialty.

Applicants are ranked by the NMF International Advisory Board on the basis of medical school recommendations, personal statement, academic achievements, and personal interviews. Finalists may be interviewed by past GE / NMF Scholars who can provide valuable insight into living and working conditions in West Africa.

Number and Value of Awards :

Twelve GE / NMF Scholars are chosen in addition to three alternates: eight scholars will be selected to the Republic of Ghana elective and six in the Republic of Uganda.

Transportation, living expenses and a scholarship of $5000 per student is provided.

All students must complete the full term of the program, submit academically acceptable program requirements, and participate in the mid-term and final evaluations.

Original  Copies  of  all application material must be received by September 8, 2010
GE Medical Scholars Program,
National Medical Fellowships, Inc.,
347 Fifth Avenue, Ste. 510,
New York, NY 10016,

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