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The George W. Merck Fellowship Program

The IHI Fellowship Program is made possible by the generous support of The George W. Merck Fellowship fund and The Health Foundation.

Eligibility for George W. Merck Fellowship Program

  • George W. Merck Fellowships are available to those who live and work in the USA.
  • The Health Foundation Quality Improvement Fellowships are available to those who live and work in the UK.
  • The Commonwealth Fund / Harkness Fellowships are available to those who live and work in the UK, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, and the Netherlands.
  • Successful candidates are typically mid-career professionals who will return to a position in their home organization to lead transformative change. We would, however, consider a very strong application from a candidate earlier in their career.
  • Applicants and their organizations must demonstrate commitment to advancing health care quality and results.
  • Fellows must remain employed by their home organization for the fellowship year. The home organization must agree to pay the fellow’s salary and benefits for the year.
  • Successful candidates will be very self-directed and comfortable with ambiguity.

Please send responses to Parts A-C as electronic attachments in text format to the e-mail address below. Letters (Part D) and senior executive’s response (Part E) should be sent electronically by each writer to the same e-mail address.

Receipt deadline for all materials : October 1 of the year prior to proposed entry (July 1). Early application is encouraged.

Part A :  Applicant Information
City, state, zip code:
Degree, professional field:
Current job title:
Department and organization:
City, state, zip code:

Part B : Personal Career Statements. Please provide responses to the following questions :

  1. What are your short- and long-term career aspirations, and how can this fellowship program help you attain them? Why is this the right time for the fellowship? (max. 400 words)
  2. Describe an organizational change that you influenced and the impact of this experience on your subsequent leadership in health care. (max. 400 words)
  3. What are your strengths and gaps in knowledge, skills, and preparation to advance health care quality? (max. 400 words)

Part C : Curriculum Vitae

Part D : Recommendation Letters. Please list the names, titles, and contact information for three people whom you have asked to send letters of recommendation. The first must be your senior executive. Recommenders should send letters directly to the e-mail address below.

Part E : Institutional Commitment. Please ask your senior executive to send the following information (Note: an organization may nominate only one candidate) :

  1. Names of nominee, senior executive, and organization
  2. Describe your organization, including mission, vision, main products and services, size, demographics and needs of the population served, recent improvements achieved, strengths, and strategic priorities and challenges. (max. 400 words)
  3. Specify your institution’s tangible support planned for the applicant during the fellowship year.
  4. What will be the applicant’s new leadership role upon completion of the fellowship program? How will this role fit with your organization’s goals and strategic priorities?

Application Deadline for The George W. Merck Fellowship Program : 1  October 2010

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