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Heliophysics Postdoctoral Fellowship

UCAR Visiting Scientist Programs announces the 2011 call for applications to the Heliophysics Postdoctoral Fellowship Program, sponsored by the NASA Living With a Star (LWS) program.

The fellowships are designed to train the next generation of researchers in the emerging field of Heliophysics.

Two major topics of focus for LWS are the science of space weather and of the Sun-climate connection. Preference is given to applicants whose proposed research addresses one of these two foci; but any research program relevant to LWS is considered.

Since the goal of this postdoctoral program is to train Sun-Earth system researchers, preference is also given to research projects that cross the traditional Heliophysics subdomains of the Sun, heliosphere, magnetosphere, and ionosphere/upper atmosphere, as well as sun-climate investigations.

Therefore, proposals addressing the LWS program that are interdisciplinary are encouraged.

U.S. citizenship is not required to participate in this program, but the selected postdoctoral fellows must be hosted at a U.S. research institution. Appointed scientists are employees of UCAR.

The two-year fellowships include a fixed annual salary and benefits: health & dental insurance, paid time off, paid holidays, mandatory participation in TIAA/CREF retirement fund, and life insurance.

A relocation allowance is provided as well as an allowance for travel to scientific conferences and other support costs.

Guidelines for reference letters and hosting letters of intent :

  • Reference letters should include assessment of the applicant’s level of scholarship, including placement in class, scientific potential, and qualifications for postdoctoral research.
  • The primary objective of this fellowship program is to grow the pool of scientists needed for a specific objective. Comments regarding the applicant will be treated confidentially and will be used by the steering committee to help determine both strengths and weaknesses of the applicant. Any specific comments regarding the applicant’s ability to work independently, to pursue new topics, and to interact with others are very useful.
  • Potential hosting scientists should submit a Letter of Intent to Host the applicant, explaining plans for mentoring. Potential hosts should not provide a letter of reference for the applicant. Letters of Intent should include a one-page CV and a list of current and pending research support.

Application deadline for Heliophysics Postdoctoral Fellowship :  January 10, 2011

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