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Hellman Fellowship

The Hellman Fellowship in Science and Technology Policy is intended for early-career professionals with training in science or engineering who are interested in transitioning to a career in public policy and administration.

While in residence, the Hellman Fellows work with senior scientists and policy experts on critical national and international policy issues related to science, engineering, and technology.

Hellman Fellows work on one or more of the projects under the Academy’s Initiative for Science, Engineering, and Technology (see below). The mission of the Initiative is to examine, in broad terms, how the world of science and technology is evolving, how to help the public understand these changes, and how society can better adapt.

The Initiative brings together scientists and public policy experts in a neutral setting, outside of the constraints of the political process.

Eligibility for Hellman Fellowship :

Applicants must have a Ph.D. in an area of science or engineering and have some experience or a demonstrated interest in an area related to science and technology policy.

The Ph.D. must be conferred prior to September, 2011. Masters degrees may be considered in the fields of engineering and computer science. Strong writing and organizational skills are desired. Candidates must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents.

Scholarship Application Deadline for Hellman Fellowship :  January 14, 2011

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