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IDEX Fellowship for the USA and India Citizens

Study Subject : Any Subject

Employer : Oglethorpe University

Level : Graduates

Being an IDEX Fellow is like being a freshman again at your university’s student activities fair.

Every booth looks more interesting than the last, each club is convincing that you are their missing link to success, and you leave both excited and overwhelmed about how many people now have your email address.

Your nine months as an IDEX Fellow will feel very much the same, except now the booths are full of service – providers, you have direct access to the markets and consumers which do in fact make them successful, and you give out business cards instead of email addresses.

IDEX Fellows are based in India as consultants to a social enterprise in the low – income education sector, where they work to understand the socio – economic issues and test models to help solve these issues.

The Fellows contribute to the social enterprise where they are placed by :

  • Writing and implementing 1 – 2 year business and project plans
  • Analyzing financial systems and creating budgets
  • Building market strategies
  • Working with and building relationships with partner organizations
  • Planning and attending social enterprise conferences, symposiums, and leadership seminars
  • Conducting field – visits to established and / or emerging social enterprises

The above lists will grow organically throughout your year as an IDEX Fellow, as you are constantly introduced to and network with new companies, foundations, organizations, and individuals who share the same goal of bringing affordable education to low – income students.

Like a freshman roaming wide – eyed around the quad, IDEX will leave you choosing between the wide array of opportunities set before you.

Eligibility and Selection Criteria for IDEX Fellowship

The IDEX Fellowship is open to graduating seniors and those who have graduated from an accredited university / college, having no more than two years of work experience.

Candidates who meet the following will be given preference :

  • Academic or work experience in business, economics, development, education, or related fields
  • Demonstrated leadership while in university
  • High academic success
  • Interested in development or social enterprise solutions
  • International travel experience
  • Interest in entering the field of social entrepreneurship / enterprise.

IDEX Fellowship Application Deadline : 1st February 2011.

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Application Form Submission 16 Dec 2020 to 16 Jan 2021.