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Institute for the Digital Humanities Fellowship

Study Subject :  Digital Humanities
Employer :  University of Denver
Level :  Postdoctoral

Fellowships will be awarded to twelve national scholars and eight local scholars. Applicants must have completed candidacy into their doctoral programs or have received their PhD.

MFAs who have teaching or research positions are also eligible. Proposals can be submitted from individuals or from teams of scholars.

Fellows will work together in theme-based groups to envision, execute, and produce research projects using digital tools to facilitate collaboration and to create representations of their work.

We particularly welcome proposals from scholars interested in working with rich media formats such as video, photography, sound, graphics, and various forms of interactivity and from scholars working on engaged scholarship, whose work is both about public concerns and is intended for consumption and use by members of the public.

During the institute meetings, fellows will explore central methods in the digital humanities and in multimedia authorship, including gaming, data visualization, digital archives/electronic journals, and audio and visual production.

The institute will be conducted in three sessions. The first session will be held over five days in June 2011 at University of Denver’s new state-of-the-art C³ Studios.

During this workshop, fellows will participate in two of the following workshop tracks: data visualization; gaming; audio production; video production, and interactive design.

Descriptions below.

In December 2011 fellows and institute faculty will participate in a teleconference that will be the culmination of several months’ worth of collaborative work from each person’s home institution, offering participants the opportunity to share works in progress for feedback and further development.

The final meeting will convene all of the fellows for a two-day conference in September 2012 at the University of Denver’s C³ Studio, where fellows will share their work, discuss methods and experiences, and develop and organize the publication of an online collection of their work and their methodological reflections.

The institute’s theoretical and practical curriculum will be interdisciplinary. The institute seeks scholars from diverse fields of expertise. Participating scholars will work directly with institute faculty throughout the eighteen month institute period.

In addition to the three meetings, fellows will engage with one another and with institute mentors using a website / social networking platform created specifically for the institute that will support engagement among institute faculty and fellows.

This will be a space where fellows can experiment with the emerging multimedia skills to vlog, podcast, and blog concerns, queries, updates and comments on each others’ work or on related work in the field.

Leaders and facilitators to be invited include cultural anthropologist Dr. Mimi Ito, director of the MacArthur Digital Learning Initiative at UC-Irvine and author of Engineering Play : A Cultural History of Children’s Software and lead author of Hanging Out, Messing Around, Geeking Out; and Dr. Mike Wesch, cultural anthropologist and producer of widely-circulated video essays “The Machine is Us/ing Us” and “A Vision of Students Today” at Kansas State University.

The University of Denver’s C³ Studios, where the Institute’s meetings and workshops will take place, are designed to promote interdisciplinary collaboration as a key to the creative and critical thinking necessary in the 21st century university.

The C³ Studios support :

  • Complex Visual, Sonic, and Tangible Art Forms (including digital cinema and 3D animation, immersive and interactive theater, physical computing, performances, interactive exhibitions, and installations)
  • The Digital Humanities (humane gaming; electronic literature and digital writing; technology and consciousness studies)
  • Networked Engagement (social media, participatory culture, media activism, culture jamming, remix and mashup cultures)
  • Sustainable Design and Practices (human-computer interface design, media ecology, biological media)
  • Collaboration, Critical Exchange, and Public Discourse (lectures, round-tables, workshops, critiques, symposia, think tanks, and makers’ fairs)

Fellows will be housed on campus in residence halls, close to the C³ studios. Housing and meals as well as travel to the university are covered for members of the fellowship program.

Fellowship Application Deadline for Institute for the Digital Humanities Fellowship : 15  December  2010

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