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International Public Interest Law Fellowship Program

Study Subject : Law

Employer : Wayne State University

Level : Graduate

International Public Interest Law Fellowships will assist with the costs of summer internships with non – governmental organizations (NGOs) located around the world.

Applicants can apply to up to five NGOs from a list of pre-approved partner organizations. Unlike the Wayne domestic PILF grants, applicants may not find partner organizations on their own.

Interns will perform legal work under the supervision of an attorney on staff at the partner NGOs. The internships are intended to last approximately two months, roughly from June 1 to August 1.

However, particular start and end dates may vary and will be negotiated with each individual organization.

Successful applicants will be placed with one of the partner NGOs based on :

  1. their listed preferences,
  2. fulfilling specific requirements of a particular group (i.e. language skills),
  3. preferences of the NGOs, and
  4. our assessment of an applicant’s qualifications.

Because all of these factors must be considered, successful applicants must accept the placements they are given.

Qualifications for International Public Interest Law Fellowship :

Applicants must :

  • Be an enrolled student of Wayne State University Law School;
  • Be able to leave and re-enter the United States legally;
  • Be qualified to receive an International PILF as financial aid. Have a FAFSA on file for 2010 – 2011;
  • Have a demonstrated interest in international affairs.

International Public Interest Law Fellowship Application Deadline :  Tuesday, January 14, 2011.

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