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International Visiting Fellowship

Study Subject :  Any

Employer :  Georgetown University

Level :  Postdoctoral

Visiting fellowships of six to nine months at the Woodstock Theological Center are available for scholars for the United States academic year (September through May) 2011-2012.

Applicants must be from outside the United States and intend to continue working outside the United States one the fellowship has ended.

They must hold a doctorate or have equivalent professional accomplishments, be fluent in English, and submit a research proposal consistent with the mission of the Woodstock Theological Center plus three letters of recommendation.

Religious and priests must also submit a letter from their superiors giving them permission to accept the fellowship should it be granted.

Project Proposal

The project proposal of no more than 2,000 words is the most important element in the selection process.

It is essential to make your project clear to individuals outside your own field and to explain its broader implications. While project proposals will vary according to the author’s disciplinary or professional background, the elements requested below should be incorporated into the texts :

  1. A description of the topic and its importance beyond the interests of the specific field of study,
  2. The originality of the proposed study, through a brief statement that locates it bibliographically within the current literature in the field,
  3. The basic ideas and hypotheses,
  4. The methods or approaches to be used,
  5. The material that will be drawn upon,
  6. The relevance of the study to the mission of the Woodstock Theological Center.
  7. The work completed already and what you hope to accomplish while at Woodstock.
  8. Your professional plans following the fellowship.

Fellowship Application Deadline for International Visiting Fellowship : 31 December  2010

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