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Postdoctoral Fellowship in Computer Science

Study Subject : Computer

Employer : Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory,

Level : Postdoctoral

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) invites applications for a Postdoctoral Position in Computational Cosmology to begin in Summer or Fall 2011.

The fellowship will be awarded initially for two years with the possibility of extension.

LBNL, in collaboration with UC Berkeley, participates in several astrophysical/cosmological observational programs, including SDSS-III (BOSS), BigBOSS, DES, Planck, and JDEM/WFIRST.

The rich cosmology program in Berkeley includes the Berkeley cosmology group ( and the Berkeley Center for Cosmological Physics (

The Computational Cosmology Center ( and the Center for Computational Sciences and Engineering ( are currently extending the computational capabilities of an existing massively parallel radiation-hydrodynamics code to perform cosmological simulations relevant to the aforementioned experiments.

In particular, we will be focusing on a study of the observability of baryon acoustic oscillations in the intergalactic medium as probed by the Lyman alpha forest.


Ph.D. in relevant field within the last five years is required. Applicants should have a strong programming background (in C, C++, and/or F90) and experience working on radiation transport and /or hydrodynamics. While not required, parallel programming experience is desirable.

Fellowship Application Deadline for Postdoctoral Fellowship in Computer Science, USA : December  31,  2010

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