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Suffrage Centennial Undergraduate Women Scholarship

The Lincoln University Suffrage Centennial Undergraduate Scholarship acknowledges the increasing number of women graduating from Lincoln University. It recognises excellence in academic achievement by a female undergraduate student.


  1. The award shall be known as the Lincoln University Suffrage Centennial Undergraduate Scholarship.
  2. One scholarship shall be awarded annually and be tenable for one year.
  3. The scholarship shall comprise by way of a credit to the student’s fees account an amount equal to the New Zealand student’s tuition fee for the qualification in which the student is registered at Lincoln University.
  4. The scholarship shall be open to female students who will enrol full-time at Lincoln University in their final year of an undergraduate degree in the academic year following their application for the scholarship.
  5. The award is open to women of any nationality and age, and will be awarded in accordance with the principles of Lincoln University’s Policy on Equal Employment Opportunities.
  6. The Scholarships shall be awarded by the Lincoln University Undergraduate Scholarships Committee. The group which makes the selection (hereafter called the Selection Committee) should include at least one female representative.
  7. The criterion for selection of applicants shall primarily be excellence in academic achievement.
  8. Note : Where academic excellence alone is insufficient to distinguish between candidates, the selection committee shall also consider candidates’ initiative and leadership skills.

  9. The scholarship may be held with any other scholarship, bursary or prize unless the conditions of the other award preclude it.
  10. The Selection Committee may recommend that no scholarship be awarded if it finds there is no candidate of sufficient merit.

Special Selection Criteria

  • Applicants to be in their final year of an Undergraduate degree in the year following application.
  • For women only

Application Deadline for Suffrage Centennial Undergraduate Women Scholarship :  30  September  2010

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Application Form Submission 16 Dec 2020 to 16 Jan 2021.