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Longhorn Opportunity Scholarship

The Longhorn Opportunity Scholarship (LOS) is a unique program and very special commitment made by The University of Texas at Austin to the students enrolled at a select number of high schools in Texas.

For students enrolled at these schools, the University has provided a guarantee that a specific number of scholarships will be awarded to graduating seniors for their use at UT Austin.

These scholarships are $5,000 per year for up to four years of study at UT Austin.

This scholarship provides a major source of funds to cover a large portion of mandatory tuition and fees for up to four years of study at UT Austin.

About the LOS Program

The first Longhorn Opportunity Scholarships (LOS) were awarded to students in economically disadvantaged and historically underserved Texas communities in 1999.

Based on goals espoused by former University of Texas at Austin President Larry Faulkner and the work of the Office of Student Financial Services, the program has since awarded more than 1,100 students over $11.7 million.

The $5,000 per year, four year scholarships work with the President’s Achievement Scholarship program to help students who might never have considered UT come and succeed.

In a sense, the Longhorn Opportunity Scholarship is under-named. More than simply a scholarship, the program has served as the catalyst for the creation of a comprehensive academic community development package with a three-fold aim : to identify students who might not have otherwise had the opportunity to attend The University; to deploy University resources to attract these students to Austin; and most importantly, to give these students the resources and attention that will help them to excel academically and ultimately become alumni of The University of Texas at Austin.

How Students Benefit

Past experience has shown that simply removing financial barriers is not a guarantee of success.

Recognizing a series of obstacles that economically disadvantaged students face, the Longhorn Opportunity Scholarship program was created to also address a full range of social and academic issues that affect student success.

Seeking to establish a comprehensive educational environment, this program guarantees students who apply for on-campus housing by February 1 their first choice of the University’s residence halls; provides tutoring to help them cope with rigorous college courses; includes social and academic peer mentoring to offer concrete examples of success; and offers small classes in which they can have easy access to instructors.

Upon entering UT, LOS students join the Longhorn Scholars Program, which in addition to helping the student manage all of the typical problems faced by college students, offers LOS high school graduates a single academic home at The University and gives them vital targeted personal attention to keep them in a culture of academic success.

Although LOS students come from economically disadvantaged situations and are likely to have had less access to educational resources than other students, the full scope of the Longhorn Opportunity Scholarship program has enabled these scholars to succeed in a challenging academic environment.

Statistically, there is little difference between LOS students and the wider population of University students in terms of retention and GPA.

Application deadline for Longhorn Opportunity Scholarship :  1  December 2010

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