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Lutheran University Music Scholarship

The music scholarship at California Lutheran are open to all incoming students regardless of major. While it is preferable that auditions be live, a CD or a DVD may be submitted.

Vocal Auditions

Sing two songs or arias of your choice in contrasting styles. While it is preferable that both pieces be “classical”, you may include one song from the Musical Theater repertoire.

We further recommend that at least one of your songs be in a foreign language. It is further suggested that both songs be memorized.

If auditioning in person, please bring music for the accompanist that will be provided for you. CD accompaniments and a cappella auditions are not allowed.

Instrumental Auditions

  1. Play the chromatic scale and two major scales and their two relative melodic minor scales in at least two octaves. Slur all notes, playing slowly (tempo: quarter note equals 80)
  2. Play two etudes (studies) of a contrasting nature (one slow, one fast) preferably from study materials standard for your instrument
  3. Play a solo from the standard repertory. Any work suitable for solo and ensemble festivals is fine. Please bring the piano accompaniment if applicable

What we’re looking for :

  • A good sound
  • Good intonation
  • Solid music fundamentals (the right notes and rhythm)
  • A musical performance that shows sensitivity to dynamics, phrasing and a performance style appropriate to the work.

Application deadline for Lutheran University Music Scholarship :  February 1, 2011

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