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The Mary Baker Eddy Library awards Fellowships

Study Subject : Women’s History, Spirituality and Health, Religious Studies, Nineteenth – Century History, Cultural and Social History, Architecture, and Journalism

Employer : The Mary Baker Eddy Library

Level : Research

The Mary Baker Eddy Library awards fellowships to academic scholars and independent researchers for research in its collections, which center on the papers of Mary Baker Eddy and records documenting the history of Christian Science.

Relevant areas of research include the fields of women’s history, spirituality and health, religious studies, nineteenth – century history, cultural and social history, architecture, and journalism.

The Library’s newly public collections offer scholars countless opportunities for original research.

A select list of such resources include :

  • Mary Baker Eddy’s scrapbooks and copybooks;
  • Household account ledgers and receipts;
  • A fully – indexed file of newspapers clippings that date to the late nineteenth century;
  • Eddy’s sermons and lectures;
  • An extensive historic photograph collection;
  • Architectural records;
  • Early histories of branch Churches of Christ, Scientist and
  • Eddy’s voluminous correspondence and manuscript material, which offer opportunities for new analysis of her life and ideas.

The Library’s research programs are designed to support original contributions to scholarship and help further research by established scholars, graduate students, and recent graduates just beginning their academic careers.

The Mary Baker Eddy Library awards Fellowships Application Deadline :  7 February 2011.

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Application Form Submission 16 Dec 2020 to 16 Jan 2021.