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Mary Elvira Stevens Traveling Fellowship

Study Subject : Traveling

Employer : Wellesley College

Level : Post Graduate

The Mary Elvira Stevens Traveling Fellowship, established by the will of Alice Alvira Stevens, Class of 1891, carries a stipend of up to $25,000 (taxable according to law) for up to a full year of travel or study outside the United States.

It is available to a Wellesley graduate who is at least 25 years of age in the year of application, 2010. There is no limitation as to field of interest, but the applicant’s detailed plan must be approved in advance by the Fellowship Committee.

Candidates seeking to explore either academic or non-academic fields are encouraged to apply. Except under unusual and compelling circumstances, the committee has not chosen in recent years to fund graduate study or PhD dissertation research.

The will states that “preference shall be given to persons with good temper and a natural generosity of view when confronted with alien conditions, common sense in observing and comprehending social, economic, and political situations, a strong desire to travel, and a deep love of beauty.”

It also expresses the expectation that the Fellowship will provide for Wellesley alumnae and the United States “well-balanced young women who may or may not teach, write, or lecture, but who in any event will live in a spirit of knowledge and understanding that will assure a reasonable degree of wisdom.”

We invite proposals for purposeful travel into unfamiliar territory that will inspire reflection and growth and lead to more fulfilling and productive personal and professional lives.

Scholarship Application Deadline for Mary Elvira Stevens Traveling Fellowship : 1 December 2010

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