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The Legatum Fellowship

Study Subject :  Entrepreneurship

Employer :  MIT

Level :  Graduate

The Legatum Center seeks entrepreneurs who aspire to have a lasting and positive economic impact on low-income countries by developing their own entrepreneurial ideas and building their own local enterprises.

The Center’s approach is intensely practical. Recognizing that even the best innovations can be rendered useless if not distributed effectively, we work closely with our Fellows to design not just innovative products and services, but also workable, affordable, and sustainable business distribution methods.

The fellowship is open to all MIT graduate students and consists of :

  1. Business plan coaching
  2. Specialized seminars
  3. Networking events with opportunities to engage with entrepreneurs, investors, and innovators that speak at the Legatum Lecture Series and Annual Conference
  4. Access to the expertise and experience of Legatum Mentors
  5. Financial Assistance

Application Process

All candidates for the Legatum Fellowship are required to submit an online fellowship application and 2 letters of recommendation. A committee will examine all applications and then finalists will be contacted to set up an interview.

Whenever possible, Fellowship finalists are interviewed in person. For those finalists based outside of the U.S. or unable to visit campus, interviews will be conducted by phone or by regional representatives of the Center or MIT.

Application Deadline for The Legatum Fellowship : Thursday, February 10, 2011 midnight EST

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