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Pacific Union College Music Scholarship

We are happy that you are interested in applying for a PIP award. Here at PUC, we are always looking for talented students interested in studying in a quality academic environment.

Application Requirements

Please complete this application and mail it with the following items :

  1. A short typed cover letter describing your interest and past experience in music and your future plans and goals.
  2. Two letters of recommendation. The letters should be written by a teacher, pastor, counselor or a person who can assess your character as well as your academic performance. The letters of recommendation may not be written by anyone related to you.
  3. If it is impossible to audition in person, submit a high quality video recording of you performing. Submit on DVD or VHS format only. We do not accept CDs, audio cassettes or camcorder cassettes.
  4. All application materials must be postmarked on or by April 15, 2011. Mail all materials to :

Dr. Rachelle Berthelsen Davis,
Music Department Chair,
Pacific Union College,
One Angwin Avenue,
Angwin, CA 94508.

Audition Arrangements

Be prepared to perform three pieces from the standard literature for your instrument or voice that demonstrates contrasting styles – fast and technical; slow and lyrical.

Each piece should generally be by memory (accompanist can use music) and between 5 and 10 minutes each. You should be comfortable playing at sight any standard four part hymn tune.

Application deadline for Pacific Union College Music Scholarship : April 15, 2011

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