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The Doris Duke Clinical Research Fellowship

The Doris Duke Clinical Research Fellowship (CRF) provides support for one year of full-time clinical research training. The main goal of the program is to encourage medical students to pursue careers in clinical research.

Interested medical students must be willing to take a year out from school and conduct fellowship research and training at one of 12 hosting medical schools.

Program Characteristics

  • The CRF program is available at 12 US research-intensive medical schools.
  • Students enrolled at any US medical school can apply. Applicants must be willing to take a year out from medical school.
  • Participating schools must accept at least 5 fellows per year, 2 of which must be matriculated at another school.
  • Program Leaders and advisors at each school select the fellows.
  • Each fellowship consists of a structured clinical research experience and coursework.
  • Fellows’ research projects focus on clinical research questions.
  • Fellows attend an annual meeting at the end of the fellowship to present their research.

Participating Medical Schools

Each program at the hosting medical schools meets the above requirements but also has distinct features.

Students can apply to one or more of the 12 CRF schools. Potential applicants are advised to read information about each program before deciding where to apply.

Fellowship Details

To date, the CRF program has supported a total of 837 fellows, with 104 fellows in the current (2010-2011) class.

A minimum of 60 domestic and 12 international fellowships will be awarded across the 12 CRF schools. for the 2011-2012 fellowship year, which begins on July 1, 2011.
Fellow Stipends & Benefits

  • $28,000 stipend
  • Health insurance
  • Financial support to attend the year-end CRF meeting
  • Supplementary research and training funds

Eligibility for The Doris Duke Clinical Research Fellowship

Students matriculated at any U.S. medical school who are in good academic standing and have completed two or more years of medical school prior to the start of the fellowship are eligible to apply to any of the participating schools.

Experiments that utilize animals or primary tissues derived from animals are not eligible for support through this program.

Application Closing Date for The Doris Duke Clinical Research Fellowship : January 12 2011

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