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Thompson Postdoctoral Fellowship

Study Subject :  Geophysics

Employer :  School of Earth Sciences

Level :  Postdoctoral

The Department of Geophysics, Stanford University, has established the Thompson Postdoctoral Fellowship to be awarded to a candidate preferably within two years of receipt of the Ph.D.

The fellowship is open to applicants in any area of geophysics including new areas of research that cross existing disciplinary boundaries, so that students and recent graduates in Earth science, physics, chemistry, biology, or computational sciences with interests in the geophysical sciences are also encouraged to apply.

Our department is currently active in crustal geophysics, exploration and production geophysics, seismic imaging, rock physics, earthquake seismology, crustal deformation, stress and geomechanics, environmental geophysics, and planetary sciences.

The successful candidate will have her / his own independent research agenda, but have common interests with one or more existing faculty (who will serve as a formal mentor) to participate in their research group activities. We encourage prospective applicants to communicate in advance with prospective faculty mentors.

Application Deadline for Thompson Postdoctoral Fellowship : 2 January 2011

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