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University of Michigan Scholarship

MSFA’s goals are to help the public and private sectors :

  1. Reduce the loss of human life and property damage resulting from flooding.
  2. Preserve the natural and cultural values of floodplains.
  3. Promote flood mitigation to prevent the loss and encourage wise use of floodplains.
  4. Avoid actions that exacerbate flooding and/or stream degradation.
  5. Promote a watershed approach to stormwater management.
  6. Promote the use of best management practices to minimize accelerated erosion and control sedimentation.

Eligibility Criteria for University of Michigan Scholarship :

  1. Full time Graduate Student in Biosystems, Civil or Environmental Engineering, or related Natural Resources Planning program with a specialization related to the mission and goals of MSFA.
  2. Cumulative GPA of B or above at the end of the Winter 2010 term.

Application Process for University of Michigan :

  1. Complete the application form.
  2. Provide a copy of your program of study showing courses remaining.
  3. Provide a photocopy of your transcript.
  4. Provide a current resume that includes a statement of your career objectives and your anticipated graduation date.
  5. Provide a one-page typed essay highlighting your academic achievements, extracurricular activities, past and present work experiences, the occupation you propose to pursue upon graduation, and your commitment to the mission and goals of the MSFA.
  6. Provide a letter of recommendation from an SNRE faculty.

Application postmark deadline : 11/2/2010

Contact Name :  Diana Woodworth

Award amount :  $1,500.  Applicants will be notified by 17 December 2010.

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