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Quadrant Fellowships

As part of this initiative the Mellon Foundation funds external fellowships of up to one semester to individuals who participate in a Quadrant group. Stipends are up to $30,000, including benefits, for one semester.

Quadrant Fellows are in residence at the Institute for Advanced Study during the tenure of their fellowship and have the opportunity to work directly with university press editors in developing their work.

Work completed while on this fellowship may be submitted to the University of Minnesota Press for publication through its standard peer review and faculty committee approval processes.

Required application materials

  • Proposal abstract (200 words).
  • Research proposal (no longer than 1,500 words). Describe the research or creative project you will undertake during your residence. If available, include a brief outline of your book project.
  • Indicate which of the four Quadrant Groups you would like to join; if you would like to join more than one, please indicate this.
  • Include a discussion of how participation in an interdisciplinary setting as part of Quadrant would advance your work.
  • Global Cultures applicants: please see additional instructions.
  • Curriculum vitae.
  • Letters of support from three people familiar with your work and this project (submitted separately by letter writer or dossier service).

Application Procedures for Quadrant Fellowships

Applications may be submitted electronically or on paper. Signed letters of support must be submitted separately either electronically or on paper.

Application deadline for Quadrant Fellowships : November 19, 2010

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