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VEF Fellowship Program

The Vietnam Education Foundation (VEF) is pleased to announce the 2012 VEF Fellowship Program. The Fellowship application and selection process is open, competitive, and transparent.

Applicants do not need to pay any fees to anyone in order to apply or be considered for a VEF Fellowship. Winners are chosen based on individual merit, including academic performance and preparation, intellectual capabilities, English proficiency, and the potential for contribution to scientific education and research.

VEF expects to award approximately 45 Fellowships to Vietnamese nationals to begin graduate studies in the United States in the fall of 2012. The recipients are referred to as the VEF Fellowship 2012 Cohort. Please note that VEF only accepts online applications.

Qualified Fields of Study

VEF seeks highly qualified applicants interested in pursuing a Ph.D. or master’s degree at leading universities in the United States in the major disciplines of sciences (natural, physical, and environmental), mathematics, medicine (such as public health, epidemiology, and immunology), engineering, and technology (including information technology).

Fields include the basic sciences, such as, biology, chemistry, and physics, as well as agricultural science and computer science.

Priority will be given to applicants, whose field of study focuses on climate change (environmental sciences) or on nuclear energy, provided that all other qualifications are equal.

Eligibility of VEF Employees and VEF Contracted Agency Employees

The following VEF policy regarding eligibility of VEF employees and VEF contracted agency employees in Vietnam and in the United States.- Employees of VEF, including contractor employees, and their immediate families, are ineligible for VEF Fellowships, Visiting Scholar Grants, and U.S. Faculty Scholar Grants for a period ending one year following termination of such employment.

If a former employee or contractor employee of VEF is otherwise eligible and chooses to apply for a VEF Fellowship, Visiting Scholar Grant, or U.S. Faculty Scholar Grant after the one year period, the VEF Board of Directors must approve the submission of such an application.

Employees of private and public agencies (excluding educational institutions) under contract to VEF to perform administrative or screening services on behalf of the VEF Fellowship, Visiting Scholar, and/or U.S. Faculty Scholar Programs are ineligible for VEF Fellowships, Visiting Scholar Grants, and U.S. Faculty Scholar Grants for a period ending one year following the termination of their services for VEF.

Scholarship Application Deadline for VEF Fellowship : Only from 8:00 a.m., February 10, 2011, to 8:00 a.m., April 10, 2011 (Vietnam time zone).

Only from 8:00 a.m., February 10, 2012, to 8:00 a.m., March 10, 2012

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