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Villgro Social Entrepreneurs Fellowship Program 2019

Study Subject : Empowering rural development by identfying and incubating innovative social enterprises

Employer : Villgro

Level : Social Entrepreneurs

Scholarship Description :

The Villgro fellowship aims to cultivate a pipeline of future leaders, who have the social commitment, leadership and operational skills to contribute to building social enterprises that look at development of rural India, while fillling a critical talent gap with Villgro’s Incubatee companies.

The fellowship is a one year program that builds social leaders. The program has been established by Villgro in line with its mission of empowering rural development by identfying and incubating innovative social enterprises.

Work closely with Villgro’s incubatees and develop an in-depth understanding of innovation and social entrepreneurship.

Be a part of meaningful mentoring and leadership training programs that will hone your professional skills.Develop social entrepreneurial skills by working closely with successful social entrepreneurs.

Are Passionate and motivated leaders wanting to contribute to ending rural poverty. Professionals with work experience, who want to apply their skills to practical solutions and create a social impact. Social Entrepreneurs who wish to develop their capacity in a challenging environment.

Professionals who have worked in one or more of the following functions : Strategic planning, Finance and accounts, Human resources, Sales and marketing, Design, Operations.

Villgro Scholarship Application Deadline : 20th May 2019

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Application Form Submission 16 Dec 2020 to 16 Jan 2021.