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Women Scientists Fellowship Scheme –  WOS-B

Department of Science & Technology, (SEED),
New Delhi,
Coordinated by MACS – Agharkar Research Institute,

The Fellowship Scheme for Women Scientists for societal programs is initiative of the Department of Science & Technology.

This scheme is addressed to women scientists and technologists who have “break in their careers” due to social responsibilities but have desire to return to mainstream science and work as bench-level scientists.

Women scientists desiring to apply for this scheme are required to develop their own research project / proposals demonstrating science and technological applications for societal benefits.


a. Provide an opportunity for women scientists to re-enter into active research after a break in career, through support for S&T based R&D projects addressing the needs of people in unorganized urban or rural areas and
b. Provide an opportunity for S&T capacity building of women on issues relevant in societal programs.

Project Proposals For

a. Research, development and adaptation of technology to improve the quality of life and provide additional opportunities for income generation in rural areas or urban slums.
b. Adaptation & transfer of an innovative technology developed at laboratory level to field.
c. Capacity building of applicant in technology areas relevant to the needs in rural areas.

Nature of Support

Support will include a scholarship grant as per the current norms of WOS-B for a period of two years. Grant for minor equipment, consumables, contingencies, travel and overheads will also be considered if found necessary under the work plan.

Who Can Apply –

Women scientist

  1. Who are Indian nationals living in India,
  2. Who have break in career after the last degree received for at least three years, Who are currently not employed in permanent position,
  3. Whose age is below 60 years at the time of applying.
  4. Who possess one of the following qualifications
  5. Ph.D. or masters degree in science OR
  6. Bachelors / master’s degree in engineering / technology, architecture, medicine / pharmacy /


Other Requirements

a. The project proposal must show an active association with a field agency in regard to implementation of the project irrespective of the fact whether the candidate is attached to an educational institution or R&D institution or any other agency.

A letter to that effect from field agency is required.

b. A certificate from the host institution, for extending infrastructural or administrative support for the project must be enclosed with the application. Similarly, a certificate from the identified field agency showing the agreement to get associated with the project is also required.

c. If the proposal includes pre-clinical study on animals or clinical trials on humans, necessary ethical clearance following ICMR / CPCSEA guidelines must be sought.

Who are not Eligible

a. Candidate already having a permanent job or fellowship will not be considered.

b. Candidates who are already registered for Ph.D are not eligible as this is not a Ph.D fellowship.

Duration of Fellowship :

The scholarship will be given initially for duration of two years. The period may be extended to the third year in exceptional cases, if recommended by Experts during periodic reviews.

Selection Mechanism :

A Committee of Experts will be involved in the selection process. The two-tier selection process will be adopted involving initial screening and subsequent individual presentation by the screened-in candidates before a group of Experts.

The selected candidates will be informed by post. The list of selected candidates will be displayed on the website.

JEE Main

Application Form Submission 16 Dec 2020 to 16 Jan 2021.