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History of ESCP Europe

Established in 1819, the world’s first business school, ESCP Europe was founded by a group of economic scholars and businessmen including the well – known economist Jean – Baptiste Say and the celebrated trader Vital Roux. Jean – Baptiste Say was an advocate of economic liberalism and is often credited with having coined the concept of entrepreneurship as early as 1800. Vital Roux is particularly known for having largely contributed to the elaboration of the Commercial Code in 1807 as well as for his up-front thinking in innovative pedagogy. One can therefore say that the creation of ESCP Europe represents the invention of the “business school” concept.

Although the ESCP Europe brand evolved over its almost 200 years of history, it always remained loyal to its first three letters. Starting in 1819 under the name Ecole Spéciale de Commerce et d’Industrie and soon after renamed Ecole Supérieure de Commerce, it developed to ESCP fifty years later in 1869. After merging with its sister school, the European School of Management ( EAP ), in 1999, the school was called ESCP – EAP for about a decade. Finally in 2009, the school’s name turned into ESCP Europe, making explicit reference to its European heritage and positioning.

The international scope of ESCP Europe has been visible since its early age. Already the class of 1824 counted 30% of international students with 15 different nationalities, amongst them seven Spanish, five Brazilians, five Dutch, four Germans, and two Americans. Language education was an essential part of its first curriculum which included, in addition to French grammar, also courses in English, German, and Spanish. As of 1825, a total of ten languages were taught at ESCP Europe and students had to study at least three of them.

Around one and a half centuries later, ESCP Europe was again a pioneer through the creation of a multi – campus business school. In order to respond to the School’s European calling, campuses in Germany and in the United Kingdom were opened in 1973, followed by Spain in 1988 and Italy in 2004. In the context of an ever more globalized world, the ambition of ESCP Europe today is to train truly European managers by fostering the link between humanistic values and management education. ESCP Europe becomes a veritable European School open to the World.


  • Economics, Law and Social Sciences
  • Finance
  • Financial Reporting and Audit
  • Information & Operations Management
  • Language and Culture
  • Management Control
  • Marketing
  • Strategy, Organizational Behavior and Human Resources

European Business And Management School Programs

General Management Degree Programs

  • Master in Management
  • MEB
  • Executive MBA

Specialised Management Degree Programs

1. 18 Masters ( full – time )

Multi – country Masters :

( Itinerant program – course period is spent on two campuses )

  • MS Finance ( Paris and London )
  • MS International Business Law and Management ( Paris and London )
  • MS International Project Management ( Paris or Madrid and Asia / South America )
  • MS Management of Cultural and Artistic Activities ( Venice and Paris )
  • Master in Marketing and Creativity ( London and Paris, entirely taught in English )
  • Master in Energy Management ( London and Paris, entirely taught in English )

Local Masters :

( Course period is spent on one campus )

  • MS Auditing and Consulting ( Paris )
  • MS Human Resources and Organisational Management ( Paris )
  • MS Innovation and Entrepreneurship ( Paris )
  • MS Management Control and Business Performance ( Paris )
  • MS Management for the Publishing Industry ( Paris )
  • MS Marketing and Communication ( Paris or Madrid)
  • MS Marketing Management for the Pharmaceutical Industry and Biotechnologies ( Paris )
  • MS Media Management ( Paris )
  • MS Private Banking & Financial Planning ( Paris )
  • MS Strategic Management of Purchasing and Supply Chain ( Paris )
  • MS Strategy and Organization Consulting ( Paris or Madrid )
  • Master in Hospitality and Tourism Management ( Madrid, entirely taught in English ).

1. 7 Executive Masters ( part – time )

There are 7 ESCP Europe Executive Specialized Masters:

  • Executive Specialized Master in Marketing & Communication ( Paris )
  • Executive Specialized Master in Private Banking ( Paris )
  • Executive Specialized Master in Financial and Fiscal Engineering ( Paris )
  • Executive Specialized Master in Business Consulting ( Paris )
  • Executive Specialized Master in Energy Management ( Itinerant : London – Berlin – Madrid )
  • Executive Specialized Master in Healthcare Management, Hospital Management ( Paris )
  • Executive Specialized Master Human and Organizational Factors of Safety ( Paris )

Summer Course Sessions

Executive Education

  • Open programs
  • Custom programs

PhD – Doctoral Program.

JEE Main

Application Form Submission 16 Dec 2020 to 16 Jan 2021.