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Ghent University,
Sint – Pietersnieuwstraat 25,
B – 9000 Ghent,
Telephone No. : +32 ( 0 )9 264 31 11,
VAT BE 0248.015.142,
Website :

About Ghent University :

Ghent University, abbreviated to UGent, is one of the major universities in the Dutch speaking region of Europe. It distinguishes itself as a socially committed and pluralistic university in a broad international perspective. Ghent University is founded in 1817 as a Latin-speaking State University by William I, King of the Netherlands, Ghent University is a relatively young university.

After its independence in 1830, the Belgian State was in charge of the administration of Ghent University; French was the new official academic language. In 1930 Ghent University became the first Dutch-speaking university in Belgium. The Decree of 1991 assigned great autonomy to the university.

Over the years eminent scientists such as Joseph Plateau ( physicist, considered as a pioneer in the development of motion pictures ), Leo Baekeland ( inventor of Bakelite ) and Corneel Heymans ( Nobel Prize winner in Medicine ) studied and worked at Ghent University. With a view to cooperation in research and scientific service, numerous research groups, centres and institutes have been founded over the years. Several of them are renowned worldwide, in various scientific disciplines such as biotechnology, aquaculture, microelectronics, history.

Today, after decades of uninterrupted growth, Ghent University is one of the leading institutions of higher education and research in the Low Countries. Ghent University is an open, committed and pluralistic university with a broad international perspective.

Education and study :

Studying at Ghent University

In these pages you will find an overview of all the courses offered at Ghent University : over 130 faculty departments, divided over 11 faculties, offer high-quality courses in every one of their scientific disciplines, each inspired by innovative research.

All UGent bachelor programs are taught in Dutch. English is only used in some Master programs as the main language of instruction. Good language proficiency is therefore absolutely necessary and formally required.

Study support

UGent students can count on extensive and personal support, during their entire study career, including their transition into a professional life.

European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System

Within Ghent University, ECTS is fully implemented as to make international mobility and the transfer of study credits more transparant and attractive.

Internationalisation at UGent

Ghent University profiles itself within a broad international perpective and has an outstanding track record when it comes to participation in various international educational programs aimed at the mobility of students, staff and personnel. On a global scale, Ghent University cooperates with over 500 universities.

Ghent University Faculties :

Ghent University’s eleven faculties are composed of more than 130 Departments all together. These departments offer High Quality courses in every one of their scientific disciplines, each inspired by innovative research.

  • Faculty of Arts and Philosophy
  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Sciences
  • Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
  • Faculty of Engineering and Architecture
  • Faculty of Economics and Business Administration
  • Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
  • Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences
  • Faculty of Bioscience Engineering
  • Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Faculty of Political and Social Sciences

University of Ghent Facilities :

Ghent University offers a broad range of facilities and support services on which our international students and staff can rely during their time at the university.

  • Bicycle rent and repair
  • Child care
  • Culture and leisure
  • Food and drinks
  • Hall hiring and Congress Centre
  • Housing facilities
  • ICT Sservices
  • Ironing service for staff
  • Job Service for Students
  • Language Centre
  • Libraries and archive
  • Sport facilities
  • Support services

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