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About Aarhus School of Business

As part of the academic development process at Aarhus University, the Faculty of Social Sciences and Aarhus School of Business merged on 1 January 2011 to form Business and Social Sciences.

The dean of the new Business and Social Sciences is Svend Hylleberg, former dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences at Aarhus University.

Business and Social Sciences is one of four new faculties at Aarhus University and will, in several areas, become the largest university unit of business studies and social sciences in Denmark, with a wide academic scope and several strong research communities.

The new Business and Social Sciences is a business school in the broad sense, deeply rooted in the academic environment and with the capacity to become a considerable player both in terms of size and results :

Selected key figures for Business and Social Sciences

  • Students : 16,678
  • Members of academic staff : 705
  • Research publications : 1,555
  • Of which 699 are peer – reviewed
  • Bibliometic research indicator : 1,027

Sustainable growth through innovation

For the time being, the strategic theme “sustainable growth through innovation” continues at Business and Social Sciences.

Transition from two faculties to Business and Social Sciences

According to the plan, the amalgamation of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Aarhus School of Business should be fully completed in the course of 2011. However, during the transition process, people still have to contact the two current administrations for information about study programmes, research projects, co-operation activities etc. Both faculties will additionally keep their individual websites throughout the transition process.

Academic development process at Aarhus University

The university management group will announce its decision on the future academic and administrative structure on 9 March 2011. Business and Social Sciences has undergone an academic analysis process which, among other things, has led to suggestions for a department structure at the new faculty, and the university management group will take the results from this process, along with the contributions provided by the three other new faculties, into consideration.


  • Department of Business Administration
  • Department of Business Communication
  • Department of Economics and Business
  • Department of Law
  • Department of Political Science and Government
  • Department of Psychology and Behavioural Sciences
  • And AU Herning

Contact Information

Aarhus School of Business,
Aarhus University,
Fuglesangs Allé 4,
DK-8210 Aarhus V,
Email : asb@asb.dk,
Phone No. : +45 8716 4000,
Fax : +45 8615 0188.

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