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CIMBA is dedicated to providing unique educational opportunities to undergraduate, graduate and executive program participants. From its beginnings, CIMBA has remained committed to providing an innovative learning environment and to developing leading edge educational programs to better prepare today’s young professionals for leadership in the global marketplace.

Over the past five years, CIMBA has developed a learning environment that fully integrates knowledge, rational process, and leadership behavior development based primarily on research derived from the neuroscience of leadership field.

Cimba Campus

Located in the Veneto region of Italy, the CIMBA campus offers a distinctive setting in one of the leading entrepreneurial zones in the European Union.

Educational Philosophy

The Consortium Institute of Management and Business Analysis in Class :

  • Places students first
  • Creates a total learning experience, both personal and professional
  • Teaches people to learn
  • Embraces and applies Mind Based Performance ( MBP )
  • Embraces change
  • Commits to innovation
  • Values diversity in culture and perspective
  • Achieves results that affect students, employees and the community

We invite you to explore our website : to learn more about the learning opportunities that CIMBA provides.

Courses Offered by Cimba

  1. MBA Programs
  2. Undergraduate Study Abroad
  3. Graduate Study Abroad

1. CIMBA’s MBA Program

CIMBA’s MBA programs require that participants study on two continents Europe and North America. This multi continent experience provides students with the opportunity to widen their perspectives by bringing them into direct contact with the culture, values and traditions of others with whom they are likely to do business. Both the full time and the part time programs begin in Europe and then move to North America where students take their final course at The University of Iowa.

Students who successfully complete the programs requirements earn a Master of Business Administration through the AACSB accredited University of Iowa ( UI ). Students may complete the program on either a full time or part time basis. Both programs assist professionals to advance to a higher level of responsibility within their company, to make a career change, or to create and build their own businesses. The investment in education made by an MBA student is significant and represents a calculated risk based on future career opportunities. In demanding that the AACSB requirements be met or exceeded at the European campuses, The University of Iowa and the Consortium ensure the quality of the education, training, and development students receive.

a. Full Time MBA

The CIMBA full time MBA is an accelerated, full time, 11 month program focused on developing skills for the effective practice of management. It is the leading program on the integrated use of leadership development coaches to advance your management and leadership skills. You will study on two continents the program begins in Europe ( Italy ) and then moves to North America for the final month of the program. In North America, you will take your final courses at and receive your AACSB accredited MBA degree from the Tippie School of Management of the University of Iowa, a degree ranked among the best in the USA. The CIMBA MBA programs have an unprecedented record for producing managerial talent.

To ensure that each student is provided with the kind of one – one – one attention leadership development requires, we limit our program to one class of 30 students each year. The majority of these young executives are between 25 and 30 years old and have a minimum of 2 years work experience ( average : 5 years ).

Our candidates are very carefully selected to make up a truly diverse class with complementary skills, nationalities and cultural backgrounds. They share in common the desire and motivation to become effective managers and leaders.

b. Part Time MBA

The CIMBA part time program is designed to best fit the needs of working professionals. As an Industrious student, you will be able to complete the program in two years of study. In recognition of the importance of your work place obligations, courses are held on weekends and evenings. Because many courses are taken with full time students, the CIMBA part time program is one of most international part time MBA programs in the world. Like the full time MBA program, you will study on two continents and receive your AACSB accredited MBA degree from the Tippie School of Management of the University of Iowa, a degree ranked among the best in the US.

The part time MBA program typically has 30 participants, with an average age of 32 and an average of 7 years of business and professional experience.

Part time students represent a wide range of industries and areas of expertise. Talented, motivated, and experienced, they know what it will take to become an effective leader and are eager both to learn and to share their knowledge. When you complete the CIMBA MBA program, you will be one of the most sought after and highest paid MBA graduates in Italy.

c.  The Program

CIMBA offers two intensive Summer Program for Summer 2012 and students may choose to enroll in either session or attend both for a more in depth experience. The first session is four weeks long and the second is 10 days long. Classes are designed to satisfy core or elective requirements and are all 3 credit hours in length. With the Summer Programs you will be able to broaden your horizons and become fully immersed in European business and social culture, enhancing your business and communication skills and expanding your career opportunities. All courses are taught in English.


  • Four week session :  May 13 to June 7
  • Classes are held Monday through Thursday, allowing three long weekends to explore Europe.You will take two 3 credit courses.


  • Ten day session :  June 12 to June 21

Participants can choose one of the 3 credit courses offered in the session. A free Saturday and Sunday midway through the session allowa time to explore the Veneto region, including nearby Venice.

The University of Iowa awards credit for the courses and provides an official transcript for transfer of credit to your home institution. Note that some universities prefer to provide direct credit to their students.

In selecting the classes for the Summer MBA Program, CIMBA polls its alumni and leading executives involved with CIMBA Executive Programs to determine which skills and concepts are of pressing interest and concern to the global business community. The professors are taken from some of the very best in Consortium schools and are selected on the basis of their expertise and experience. Additional learning opportunities are provided through executive lecturers and plant tours. Personal interest courses in the form of wine tasting, European business etiquette, and cultural visits serve to further enhance the experience.

d. Executive Programs

CIMBA Executive Programs provides executive education for practicing managers. Action and results oriented, the courses and programs are designed specifically to deliver skill  building opportunities for the development of those management and leadership skills necessary for the effective practice of management. In delivering its leading courses and programs, CIMBA Executive Programs benefits from the breadth and depth of the expertise and experience of the more than 3,000 outstanding business professors in the Consortium of American Universities.

In meeting the demands of the global marketplace, today’s managers must continuously adapt existing and learn new skills to be successful in leading and managing others. Recognized for innovation in management education, CIMBA Executive Programs delivers practical, cutting-edge, learning and skill-building opportunities that are proven to increase managerial efficiency and performance. From open enrollment courses and Professional Certification programs that develop an in-depth understanding of a specific business tool or technique to its highly regarded Executive Certificate programs that develop and accelerate managerial and leadership skills for the global executive, CIMBA Executive Programs stands on its reputation for exceptional quality in the course and programs it provides.

e. In Company Training

CIMBA Executive Programs recognizes that the people inside your company are your most valuable resource. In this challenging global economy, it is important to fill skill gaps so your company can maximize today’s opportunities and be prepared to meet tomorrow’s challenges. In-company, custom executive education programs are a sound investment in your human capital. CIMBA Executive Programs will work with you to create a custom executive education program that fulfills your exact company needs.

After conducting a thorough needs assessment, we will help you determine the best approach to learning. We can modify an “off – the – shelf” course or create a completely customized program specifically targeted to your needs. Working together, we will build the learning strategy that best fits your organizational priorities; customize the content to best align with your company competencies, business processes and business strategy; and determine the learning delivery that most effectively blends the classroom and experiential learning opportunities for greater retention. You may choose to use either our MBA classroom facilities in Asolo, or our expert and experienced professors will come to you. Whether our custom learning initiatives focus on strategic alignment, leadership development, change management, Six Sigma or any other area of performance, the CIMBA outcome is certain: Participants will emerge as better, more effective, thinkers and thereby increase your company’s potential.

f. Kepner – Tregoe Learning Alliance

The Kepner Tregoe CIMBA Learning Alliance was born out of CIMBA’s recognition that KT was not only one of the originators of managerial thinking process tools, it is also one of the best at articulating and applying them in leading organizations worldwide. Nearly 30 of Fortune’s Top Hundred Companies for Whom to Work in the US are KT trained companies. As a “Tregoe” school of business, experienced process facilitators within CIMBA are specifically certified by KT to both train and coach professors, students, and staff members on the use and application of KT tools.

Kepner – Tregoe was built on the premise that people can be taught to think critically. While working for the Rand Corporation in the 1950s, Dr. Charles Kepner and Dr. Benjamin Tregoe, conducted research on breakdowns in decision making. They discovered that successful decision making by managers and executives had less to do with level or career path than with the logical process the manager used to gather, organize, and analyze information before taking action. Kepner and Tregoe spent thousands of hours observing the practices of both effective and ineffective decision makers responding to complex, repetitive challenges. Their findings became the foundation for Rational Process, the Kepner Tregoe method for effective management. Their book, The Rational Manager, ( McGraw Hill, 1965 ) has become a business classic, translated into many languages and read throughout the world.

Based on their initial research, Drs. Kepner and Tregoe founded Kepner – Tregoe, a company that continues to analyze and develop thinking processes for critical business

applications. Kepner – Tregoe has built a network of offices around the world and improved the management practices of thousands of organizations. The first to focus on the critical need for training in problem solving and decision making, Kepner – Tregoe emerged more that five decades ago as the leader. Today its processes are used to achieve sustainable results by millions of people throughout the world. The company remains at the forefront of organizational design, research, and practice – as it has since its founding. ( For more information about KT see ).

2. Undergraduate Opportunities

CIMBA provides an innovative learning environment, committed to preparing today’s students for leadership in the global marketplace. Semester and summer programs are available. Each program has unique features which include :

  • Valuable International Experience
  • Stay on Track For Graduation
  • Courses Taught in English
  • Meet and Network with New People
  • Travel Opportunities
  • Personal and Leadership Development

3. Summer Sessions

The Consortium has four week and 10 day summer program options for graduate students. Each session offers courses that take advantage of the Consortium’s strength in international business and leadership development. You will expand your international experience while building connections among students from across the US.

While most students are from Consortium member universities, the program is open to students from any accredited institution. Graduate students in MBA programs and other business master’s programs, eg accounting, information systems, and industrial relations will find courses that fulfill degree requirements.

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