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Venice International University ( VIU ) is an international higher education and research center on the island of San Servolo, just a few minutes away from St. Mark’s square, the heart of the city of Venice.

VIU was founded in 1995, as a joint venture between the two Venetian Universities ( Ca’ Foscari and Iuav ), the Province of Venice, LMU from Munich, UAB from Barcelona, Duke University ( Durham, USA ) and the Foundation of Venice. Since then, VIU has grown to include, along with the founding members, a total of twelve renowned international Universities and important Italian Institutions.

The mission of VIU is to offer advanced training and research in an international context, by promoting the exchange of ideas and knowledge. Each year VIU welcomes professors, researchers and about two hundred students of different nationalities who live together, study and carry out research on its campus. Moreover, VIU brings to the city of Venice and its mainland a prolific range of academic and scientific activities focussed mainly on innovation, sustainable development and cultural heritage.

VIU Courses and programs

  • Globalization Program
  • Internships and Mobility
  • Open Lectures
  • Seminars and Summer

1. Globalization Program

The Globalization Program is the flagship of VIU’s academic offer and is run by VIU’s School of Humanities and Social Sciences.

It is an innovative program which addresses globalization and its economic, social, environmental and cultural implications and consequences with an interdisciplinary and multicultural approach.

The Program brings together talented, motivated students from the 12 member universities and encourages them to excel in an original and innovative program and achieve results through scholarship and experience.

Each semester 120 – 140 students come to Venice to take part in VIU’s Globalization Program.

Students choose from a course offering of 18 – 20 courses in Venetian and Italian studies, Globalization, Cultural Heritage and Sustainable development.

The courses are English-taught by professors from the member universities and are recognized for credit.

a. Cultural Heritage Fall semester

In the Fall semester the program focuses on Cultural Heritage, and in particular on Cultural Management, Innovation and Urban Cultural Policy. Today our perception of Cultural Heritage is changing amidst the rush of images and sights offered by an interactive world. Cultural Heritage is not just a list of monuments and buildings that are being preserved and safeguarded but it is about the connection and the bond built through conceptual threads and through the narrative that links them together.

b. Sustainable Development  Spring semester

In the Spring semester the program focuses on Sustainable Development, and in particular Environmental Management and the International Division of Labour. Environmental issues have gained center stage in economic analysis and policy making, and their urgency has opened new opportunities in terms of technological innovation and entrepreneurship.

c. Venetian and Italian Studies Fall and Spring semesters

Venice is a world heritage city, with a great concentration of arts, architecture and history. However the city is also a living machine in a unique setting, based on water, which represents an alternative urban and social concept. The city offers the possibility of experiencing contemporary challenges of environmental and economic sustainability and the effects of global traveling, providing resources and opportunities of fieldwork for various kinds of courses, considering also its role as administrative capital of the most dynamic industrial region of Italy.

Italian for Foreigners ( beginner and intermediate levels ) is available to students who are attending at least two full term courses.

c. Co curricular program

VIU students have the extraordinary opportunity to live in a world heritage city with a great concentration of arts, architecture and history. But it is not only the signs of the past that make Venice an interesting place to live: the city is a living machine in a unique setting on water, which represents an alternative urban and social concept which extends from the mainland to the many islands in the lagoon and estuary.

The rich co curricular program offers students the opportunity to discover and relate to the city of Venice, its lagoon and hinterland. Activities include visits to some of the traditional sights, but also a tour of the lagoon with an expert in ecology, visits to the business districts in the Veneto that are the driving force of the economy in the north east of Italy, and a variety of guest lectures and cultural events.

2. Internships and Mobility

VIU promotes international mobility by providing internship opportunities and scholarships to students of the member universities who attend the Globalization Program. Following the semester of courses at VIU, selected students are offered internships at research centers, universities, cultural organizations and companies in Italy and abroad.

3. Open Lectures

VIU invites a distinguished guest to deliver a Lectio Magistralis to inaugurate the fall and spring semesters of the Globalization Program. VIU also organizes two VIU lectures series each year in which guest speakers debate interesting, topical issues. These events are open to the public.

4. Seminars and Summer Schools

The School organizes and promotes semester programs, seminars and summer schools for students of 1st and / or 2nd cycle degree programs in the member universities ( ie pre doctorate level ). Within the framework of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, the Academic Council would like to actively promote joint seminars.

Furthermore, each year, Duke University and Boston College, in cooperation with the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, offer their students two summer programs set in Venice.

Both programs are designed to provide participants with the opportunity to study Venetian civilization, religion, culture and art history.The summer schools are run during the month of June and involve around twenty students from BC and twenty from Duke. All the courses are taught in English by Professors coming from these Universities. If you want to have more info about the previous editions, please see the next sections.

2. Research and training

  • TeDIS Center
  • Research
  • Projects

TeDIS Center Projects *

* projects co financed by the European Union or financed by Italian Government or local institutions or by third party organizations by tender, bidding or appointment

Lateral Entry Candidates

Diploma Holders (various branches) are also eligible to II year of the four years BE / BTech Degree courses.
Average of Marks
Most Backward
Just pass in the examination


TeDIS carries out applied research activities on innovation and competitiveness of enterprises and SMEs in the industrial districts.

The centre develops the following main research perspectives :

  • Industrial districts, technologies and network
  • SMEs, local clusters and internationalization
  • Creativity, Design and Innovation
  • Innovation in Public Administration, e-government and e-democracy
  • Logistics

VIU Contacts

Venice International University,
Location : Crossing The Mediterranean, Isola Di San Servolo, 30100 Venezia,Italy,
Contact No. : 011+39-041-2719530, 011+39-041-2719510
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