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Norwegian School of Management About BI :

  •  BI Norwegian Business School is a private, independent, specialised university institution with a total of six study locations in Norway.
  • Oslo is the main campus with all international program – in addition Bergen, Trondheim, Stavanger, Kristiansand, and Drammen.
  • BI Norwegian Business School is a self-owned, not-for-profit foundation whose sole focus is education and research. Any profit will be used to strengthen BI’s research and learning environment in accordance with the objectives of the school.

Norwegian School of Management Bachelor Program :

* BI’s Bachelor program will give you a taste of what globalization and internationalization are all about: a taste with a Scandinavian flavour.

  • A Bachelor degree from BI is future-orientated, research-based and strongly linked with industry.
  •  BI’s Bachelor of Business Administration ( BBA ) is a three year program offered entirely in English.

Norwegian School of Management Master Program :

  • BI offers 6 different two – year, full – time Master of Science ( MSc ) program that provide professional skills to meet the increasing need of businesses.
  •  BI’s MSc program provide a stimulating and multi – cultural learning environment with an international outlook. A fundamental curiosity towards the subject areas unite faculty and students.
  • The MSc program are thorough, demanding and interactive, and require the active participation of students.

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