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An International Business School

IEDE is an international school member of Laureate International Universities, a leader in higher education throughout the world. This international quality is evident in the education that offers and in the background of IEDE Business School students. IEDE Business School prepares them for working in a globalized and changing world, in which international experience is key to professional success.

A Business School Focused on the Professional World

All the programs are structured with companies themselves in mind, developing graduate degrees based on their needs and relying on their endorsement from the very beginning guarantees support from these companies when the time comes to offer professional opportunities to IEDE Business School students. This orientation is clear throughout the program, from the very conception and design of its graduate degrees until the moment when students enter into or advance within the working world.

As future employers and student sponsors, companies play an essential role in the design phase of IEDE’s programs. Some of those companies, involved in IEDE’s programs, are: ADVIRA, ALTADIS, BARCELÓ, CAP GEMINI, CONTRAPUNTO, DELOITTE, DOMECQ, GARRIGUES, IBERDROLA, MILLWARD BROWN, NH HOTELS, REPSOL.

A Business School with Official Degrees

Backing by Universidad Europea de Madrid guarantees the official accreditation and academic quality of IEDE Business School’s programs. More than half of IEDE’s Graduate Degrees are Official Master’s Programs, recognized by the Spanish Government and Administration, as well as the European Union through its European Higher Education Area ( EHEA ).It entails the immediate recognition of the degrees in any European Country and its validation in any other country.

Moreover, the degrees offered by IEDE Business School are also validated by Universidad Europea de Madrid, an international and innovative institution with close ties to the business community. Indeed, over a relatively short period of time la Universidad Europea de Madrid has become one of the finest private universities in Spain.

Admissions Procedure

The admissions procedure for the IEDE master programs may be carried out at any time during the year, although it is subject to the spaces available. Given the limited number of these, it is advisable to submit the duly completed and signed admission application and required documentation to the Admissions Department as soon as possible ( especially in the case of international students ).
Minimum Requirements

Candidates must have an undergraduate degree and the minimum level of English proficiency required for the master’s course.

Personal Interview

The documentation received will be evaluated by the Admissions Board to select the candidates who best fit the recommended profile. The selected candidates will then be called for a series of technical tests and a personal interview before the Board.

In the personal interview, the potential for achievement and future development of the candidate in the selected program is analyzed and quantified thoroughly, especially taking into account the following skills and specific qualities : Leadership

  • Adaptive Ability
  • Strategic Vision
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Social and Ethical Responsibility
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit
  • International Outlook
  • Admissions Notifications

The Admissions Board analyzes the qualities of each candidate, his / her personal and professional skills, motivation, background documents, and admissions test results.

The goal is to determine whether candidates fit the required profile, as well as their ability to meet the demands of the master’s degree course. Student candidates will be notified of the admissions decision on an individual basis by a member of the Admissions Board.

IEDE Business School Programs Spain

  • Master’s Degree in Business Management ( MBA )
  • Master’s Degree in Marketing and Communication
  • Master’s Degree in Trade and International Economic Relations
  • Master’s Degree in International Hotel Management ( Madrid – Switzerland )
  • International Master´S Degree in Business Administration – IMBA – Official
  • Master’s Degree in Business Management – Executive MBA
  • Master’s Degree in Event Management for Tourism
  • Certificate Course “Doing Business in China”( Shanghai / Beijing / Ningjbo )
  • Certificate Course in Business Innovation
  • Master’s Degree MBA in Business Management For Emerging Markets
  • Master’s Degree in Business Management – MBA ( 100% on – line,100% English )

Address :
Avda. de Bruselas, 14
28108 Alcobendas ( Madrid )
Phone : 003491 211 55 59
Fax : 0034 91 141 35 85

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