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Karlstad University – Change the future!

As one of the youngest universities in Sweden, we hope to be more adventurous in challenging the established and exploring the unknown.

Our ambition is to contribute to the development of knowledge at international, regional and individual levels. Thanks to our openness, creativity and multidisciplinary, we have already attained a significant level of academic achievement. All our education and research is underpinned by a close dialogue with private companies and public organizations. Not least, we can also offer one of the most inspirational university environments in the country.

The sun is the symbol of the University. The sun provides light and represents life, warmth and energy, It is associated with enlightenment and growth, just like Karlstad University.

All Courses

All subject course at undergraduate and Master’s level are listed below. Please note that most of the courses are taught in Swedish.

  • Biology
  • Biomedical Laboratory Science
  • Biomedical Science
  • Biomedicine
  • Business Administration
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Chemistry
  • Chinese
  • Climate
  • Clinical Medicine
  • College Year
  • Comparative Literature
  • Computer Science
  • Construction Engineering
  • Cultural Studies
  • Dance
  • Drama
  • Economics
  • Ecophilosophy
  • Electrical Engineering
  • English
  • Environmental and Energy Systems
  • Environmental Science
  • Film Studies
  • Gender Studies
  • Geo – Science
  • Geography
  • History
  • Human Geography
  • Information Systems
  • Interculture
  • Law
  • Mathematics
  • Mechanical and Materials Engineering
  • Media and Communication Studies
  • Music
  • Music and Sound Production
  • Music Therapy
  • Nursing Science
  • Oral Health
  • Pedagogy
  • Pharmacy
  • Physics
  • Political Science
  • Project Leadership
  • Psychology
  • Public Health Science
  • Religious Studies and Theology
  • Risk Management
  • Social and Political Studies
  • Social Work
  • Sociology
  • Spanish
  • Special Education
  • Sports Science
  • Statistics
  • Swedish as a Second Language
  • Swedish Language
  • Tourism Studies
  • Visual Art
  • Working Life Science

Application & admission

International students may be admitted to courses and programs taught in English or, if they have sufficient knowledge of Swedish, to courses and programs taught in Swedish. Priority is given to students on exchange programs.

Karlstad University will only process applications received by the application deadline. It is essential that the application is completed in full and that all the required documents are submitted; otherwise the application will not be considered. Students should, preferably, be recommended by their home university on an exchange basis.

Students from most countries outside the European Union must obtain a residence permit before coming to Sweden. Acquiring a residence permit can be a lengthy procedure. Please contact the Swedish embassy or consulate in your own country for details.

1. Exchange students

How to Apply

Only students from higher education institutions with which Karlstad University has an exchange agreement are considered exchange students.

For a student being able to apply, our partner universities first must nominate their students online on Moveonnet. Information about this is sent to all partner universities before the deadline. When the student has been nominated instructions on how and where to apply will be sent directly to the student, with a copy to the coordinator.


The application procedure is the same for all exchange students independent of the type of exchange agreement/program (Erasmus, ISEP; Nordplus, bilateral etc.) Please note that incomplete applications will delay the admission process.

Please fill out all the fields in the on – line application form ( link on the right ) correctly and finalize it according to the instructions there. It is important that you read all information under “procedure” first.

Please note that we cannot accept your application if the printout of the online application PDF is not properly finalized as described under the link on the right or if you haven´t added the requested documents. We need your printed and signed application before the deadline. Sending the application online on the deadline would be too late. Scanned applications sent by e – mail are not accepted.

What if something in it needs to be changed?

Then just make another online application from your account using the same user name and password and finalize it properly! If you already have sent a printed and signed paper application and a change is made you need to resend it. Please write by hand where the change is made. Observe that it has to be made within the deadline.

Admission requirements

  1. You must be nominated by your home institution.
  2. You must have successfully completed at least one year’s academic study at your home institution.
  3. You must have fulfilled the prerequisites for the courses you wish to take. The special prerequisites for each course are stated in the syllabus.
  4. You must have sufficient knowledge of English to successfully complete a course of study taught in English. If you wish to take a course in Swedish, you must have sufficient knowledge of Swedish. This knowledge should be documented.
  5. If you apply for a master programs, you must have successfully completed a programs of study in a relevant discipline at the bachelor’s level or equivalent. The specific prerequisites for each programs are stated in the programs study plan.

Make sure that you take one full – time course at a time and that the courses you select are spread out over the whole semester. You can also combine two half –time courses at the same time. To find out when the courses are offered you can use the study planner http://www.kau.se/en/education/courselist Remember you must apply for all courses you want to take within the application period. Courses offered will run subject to a minimum of students applying for the course.

Required documents

  1. Your application form signed by you and your coordinator.
  2. Transcript of Records ( with ECTS – credits and translated into English if possible ). This is an official documentation of your academic achievements so far at your home institution. It may be used to check that your choice of courses fits with your previous studies.
  3. Letter of Motivation – A letter ( 1 – 2) pages describing yourself and why you want to study at Karlstad University.
  4. Learning Agreement ( European universities only ) It can be sent with your application or you can bring it to get it signed when you arrive. However, it is important that it is signed by you and your coordinator / professor before coming here and that you finaliza it before the courses start.
  5. If applying for a master programs you need to send a copy of your Bachelor degree. If it isn´t possible to get in your country when studying for a master you need to add a letter from your coordinator confirming this.

When getting all required documents you need the signature and stamp of your international coordinator, confirming your application. Completed application forms with all the required documents must be submitted to the International Office at Karlstad University by the application deadline.

Send your application to

Karlstad University
International Office
SE – 651 88 Karlstad

2. Non – exchange students

How to Apply

Students from higher institutions that don’t have an exchange agreement with Karlstad University are considered non-exchange students, or free movers.

Applications from non – exchange students are submitted via the national website www.universityadmissions.se. Please note that the application cannot be submitted earlier than the respective application period. You will be notified about acceptance at the end of March for the autumn semester and in September for the spring semester.

For all instructions regarding application, please see www.universityadmissions.se.

Admission requirements

Requirements for admission to master programs taught in English for a non – exchange student

  1. You must have successfully completed a programs of study in a relevant discipline at the bachelor’s level or equivalent. A transcript of records showing that the prerequisites stated for each master programs are met is required.
  2. You must have documented your knowledge of English through the TOEFL test ( paper – based test: 575 / computer – based test: 213 / Internet – based test: 90) or IELTS (required score 6.5 – no band lower than 5.5) or equivalent.

Requirements for admission to degree programs or single subject courses taught in English for a non – exchange student

  1. You must have successfully completed the upper secondary school / high school education required for university eligibility in your home country.
  2. You must have fulfilled the prerequisites for the programs or courses you wish to study.The specific prerequisites for each course or programs are stated in the syllabus or in the programs study plan.
  3. If your application is for levels other than basic level courses, a transcript of records showing that the prerequisites are met is also required.
  4. You must have documented knowledge of English through the TOEFL test ( paper- based test : 530 / computer – based test: 173 / Internet – based test : 72 ) or IELTS ( required score 5.5 – no band lower than 5.0 ).
  5. For students who received / will receive their final school grades after 31 December 2009, there is an additional entry requirement for mathematics. The student must have successfully completed courses in mathematics to reach the level of the Swedish course Mathematics A ( approximately 10 years of mathematics studies ).

Requirements for admission to degree programs and single subject courses taught in Swedish for a non – exchange student

If you want to apply for a programs or course taught in Swedish, you need to meet the above mentioned requirements and also have sufficient knowledge of Swedish. Documentation of your knowledge of Swedish can be provided by TISUS ( Test in Swedish for University Studies ) or equivalent.

Remember that you must apply for all courses you want to take within the application period. Courses offered will run subject to a minimum of students applying for the course.

Students in their final year

Students who do not hold the required degree, but are registered for the last semester of a programs leading to such a degree, may be accepted by some universities.

An official document stating that you are likely to be awarded the degree by the start of the Swedish programs must be sent in with your application. The document must be issued through and certified by a representative of the Academic Registrar’s Office, the Examinations Office or equivalent of the institution. Certification from other staff members, such as faculty or college staff members, will not be accepted.

Application and admission

For those wishing to pursue PhD studies at Karlstad University, the normal method is to apply for a doctoral position.

These positions, when available, are announced on the list of vacancies on our web site (link below). Funding opportunities determine when new doctoral positions are offered.

Candidates must complete an application form and attach other relevant documents. These may vary from faculty to faculty. Detailed instructions are included in the relevant advertisement. The last date for application is stated in the announcement.


There is no general admission to doctoral studies at Karlstad University. Admission to PhD studies studies is granted continuously throughout the academic year. All admission procedures and decisions are handled on the department level, depending on its research activities and financial status.
Admission requirements

Applicants should fulfill both general and specific requirements and possess other required qualities.

General requirements

The general requirements are the same for all positions. Applicants should have:

  • a completed academic degree on advanced ( master’s ) level, or
  • completed courses of at least 240 ECTS credits (four years of full – time studies), of which at least 60 ECTS should be on advanced ( master’s ) level, or
  • acquired the corresponding knowledge in some other way.

In case of specific reasons, Karlstad University may exempt an applicant from the general requirements.

Specific requirements

In addition to the general admission requirements, there are specific requirements for each position. These can be academic achievements, work experience, language skills or other skills required in order to complete the education.

All applicants must have a very good command of English. For many positions, there is no formal Swedish language requirement. However, a good command of the Swedish language is essential in some subjects as lectures and seminars are often conducted in Swedish. In addition, Swedish might be the working language at the department.

An overall assessment will be made of the applicant’s suitability and his or her ability to complete PhD studies. The requirements also include funding for the whole period of study and the availability of adequate supervision. Karlstad University does not offer any scholarships or other financial support to foreign students.

Handbook for postgraduate students

The Swedish National Agency for Higher Education ( Högskoleverket ) provides a handbook for postgraduate students. It contains an overview of rules and regulations as well as practical information.

Contact us

Karlstad University,
SE – 651 88 Karlstad, SWEDEN

Visiting address : Universitetsgatan 2
Phone : +46-( 0 )54-700 10 00
Fax : +46-( 0 )54-700 14 60
E – mail : information@kau.se.

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