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Easement Right : The right enjoyed over anothers property such as right of way, drawing water, etc.

Economic Holding : A holding which gives reasonable level of income to a reasonable size of the family.

Egalitarianism : It is the belief that all citizens in a State should have equal rights and privileges.

Electoral College : A body of electors, limited in number, meeting at one place to choose a public official.

Embargo : Ban on shipping imposed by a country or group of countries as a retaliatory measure against unfriendly countries.

Entente : Friendly relations between countries.

Entrepreneur : An entrepreneur is called the captain of the industry, he bears the risk, he gets the profit and in case of a loss he has to make it up. He is an agent of production that supplies the factor enterprise.

Envoy : A diplomatic official ranking next to Ambassador.

Equity Shares : Ordinary shares which take maximum risk, with no guarantee of dividend but also maximum return when there are high profits (as distinct from debenture shares which have first claim, and preference shares which have second claim on capital).

Espionage : Spying practised by all countries to get vital information on military, scientific and political developments in unfriendly and enemy countries. Also called secret service.

Estate Duty (same as Death Duty) : Tax payable by the inheritor on a property over a specified value when the owner dies.

Exchange Rate : It refers to the rate at which the currency of one country exchanges with the currency of another country.

Excise Duty : Tax levied on certain goods product and consumed in the country (as distinct from customs duty which is levied on goods imported into and exported from the country).

Expenditure Tax : It refers to a direct tax that is imposed by the government on the total expenditure of an individual.

Extensive Farming : It is a system of agriculture in which relatively small amounts of capital or labour investment are applied to relatively large areas of land.

External data bus : A set of communications channels that facilitate communication between a central processing unit (CPU) and other components on the motherboard, including random access memory (RAM).

Extradition : Demand made by a country for return of political and criminal fugitives living in a foreign country.

Extra – territoriality : A legal fiction that foreign diplomats and diplomatic agencies are outside the country of residence in spite of physical presence. Embassies, etc., form foreign islands, so to speak, within the territory of a State. They are not subject to its laws.

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