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Gamma Rays : Short – wave electro – magnetic radiations similar to light and X – rays. The penetrating power of these rays is extremely high, even greater than X – rays.

They can penetrate through 6 inch – thick steel. Gamma rays are not deflected by strong electric or magnetic field. However, these are harmful to living tissues.

Genocide : Willful extermination of a racial, ethnic, religious or a political group. This has been made an international crime by a UN Convention of 1948.

Genocide was systematically practised by the Nazi regime in Germany and the Yahya regime in Bangladesh. Millions of men were done to death by various means.

Gentleman’s Agreements : An informal unwritten agreement based on good faith.

Genuflect : To bend the knee in worship or respect.

Gherao : Illegal confinement of persons in authority by agitating workers.

Gift Tax : Tax on gifts to prevent tax evasion by genuine or fictitious gifts.

Go to Statement : The unconditional branching statement in BASIC, FORTRAN, COBOL, PASCAL, etc. languages.

Good Office : Mediation efforts by a third country between two belligerents.

Green Belt : It is an area of parks or unoccupied ground, usually around the outskirts of a town or city, where building and other developments are not permissible by legislation.

The purpose of such legislation is to preserve open space and relatively rural environments. This term is also used in the game of judo. A green belt is conferred by a judo association on a player, usually in his second year of training to be worn with his judo costume.

Green Revolution : Adoption of new methods of agriculture with high yielding hybrid seeds, fertilizers, pesticides and intensive cultivation, to increase agricultural production.

Gross National Product : It is the total monetary value of all final goods and services produced in a country during one year.

Group of 77 : Launched in 1964 by the developing countries. its strength has now risen to 130 nations.

Guerilla War : Irregular war waged by independent groups.

Gunboat Diplomacy : This is a phenomenon of international behaviour characterized by a big power using coercion and armed might to overawe or threaten a small power into submission. Literally speaking, it means extracting an advantage from a nation by stationing gunboats off its sea coast.

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