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Habeas Corpus : Act of British Parliament passed in 1979. Under the Act, if a person is kept in prison without trial, the courts are empowered to issue, a writ to the jailor to produce the person and bring him for proper trial. It also provides facilities to the prisoner for a speedy trial and release on bail.

Hard Copy :

  1. A legible copy in conventional characters.
  2. A printed copy of machine output, e.g. printed reports, listings, documents, etc.

Hard Currency : Foreign exchange which is difficult to get (U.S. dollars for India).

Hartal : A symbol of protest to give expression to a gnevance by closing all local business and sometimes transport; usually voluntary.

Hierarchy : A body of people functioning in a series of graded ranks.

Hijacking : Illegal diversion of an aeroplane by one or more persons threatening the crew at the point of a gun or other lethal weapon.

Hot Line : A direct exclusive line of communication, esp. for emergencies. This existed in a big way between U.S.A. and then USSR during the tense days of the cold war.

High Commissioner : An ambassador of a Commonwealth country in another Commonwealth country.

Home Guards : A voluntary force for home defence organized in India in 1960 and helping in emergencies (fire fighting, etc).

Horse Power : It is a unit of work or power exerted by machine and is equivalent to the force required to raise 550 foot pounds per second.

Hybrid Computer : A type of computer that combines the best features of analog and digital computers.

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