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Igloo : A dome – shaped house or a hut, built of blocks of hard snow, in which Eskimos live.

Ikebana : It is a flower arrangement style, popular in Japan.

Impeachment : Prosecution by legislators of a very high public official (President, Chief Justice) for serious offenses against the Constitutions.

Imperialism : The policy of empire building and conquests transcending natural frontiers. It now means every policy of conquest and colonial expansion. Since the First World War, imperialism has more frequently taken the form of economic penetration than of political domination.

In Camera : An enquiry held in the private room of the judge so that its proceedings are kept secret.

Index Numbers : Comparative monthly figure showing prevailing cost of living, production, sales, prices, etc., as compared to a base year.

Indexed Sequential (ISAM) File : A type of direct access media file that combines random and sequential access of data in the file through an index.

Industrialization : It is the process of introducing industry into an area on a large scale as the dominant sector of a national economy.

Industrial Revolution : The totality of the changes in economic and social organizations that began about 1760 AD in England and later in other countries.

It was characterized by the replacement of hand tools with power driven machines, as the power loom and the steam engine, and by the concentration of industry in large establishments.

Inflation : Undue increase in quantity of money in proportion to purchasing power as an excessive issue of fiduciary money. To check inflation the government resorts to reduction in money supply.

Injunction : Judicial restraint order to prevent a wrongful act.

Intensive Farming : It is a system of agriculture in which relatively large amounts of capital and labour investments are applied to relatively small areas of land.

Internal data bus : The circuitry on which data moves inside a microprocessor. Internal data bus size is measures in bits. The more bits a bus can handle (the wider it is), the faster it can move data. The internal data bus is independent of the external data bus, which is often half as wide as the internal data bus.

International Date Line : It is a modification of the 180 meridian that marks the difference in time between East and West. The date is put forwards a day when crossing the line going West and back a day when going East. The International Date Line was chosen at the International Meridian Conference in 1884.

International Law : Rules governing the relations between civilized countries, administered by the International Court of Justice, and dealing with such important matters as treatment of war prisoners and the wounded, contraband trade, blockade, etc.

Interpol : International Police Organization to track and apprehend criminals operating internationally and evading arrest.

Interpolation : Insertion, Unfair insertion, to fill in as an intermediate term of a series.

Inventory Controls : It refers to the control exercised by a producing firm over the maintenance of adequate raw materials and finished goods. It is also called stock control.

Iron Curtain : A barrier created by such means as censorship and prohibition of free travel to isolate Russia – controlled territories from outside contacts; hence any similar barrier against communication.

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