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Jettisoning : Cargo thrown away into the sea to lighten the ship in times of danger.

Job Analysis : It refers to the in – depth study of a particular job or task. This type of analysis helps in effecting improvement and raising efficiency.

Joint Council : A small body consisting of members from the management and representatives of labour in industrial undertakings to discuss, advise and make settlements of labour – related problems.

Joint Sector : It refers to a sector which is jointly owned, managed and run by both public and private sectors. It is a partnership between the two sectors.

Joint Stock Companies : These are companies which are legally incorporated under the Indian Companies Act. They are of two types – Private and Public.

Jury : A body of persons from ordinary life selected to give their verdict in important cases from facts and evidence placed before the court. To ensure that they are not influenced by others, they are not permitted outside contact till the case is heard and their verdict is given.

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