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Magnetic Disk : A current storage media which lets the computer retain large amounts of data / program for ready processing (see also direct access media).

Magnetic Tape : A magnetic storage medium. Magnetic tape is usually 1/2 inch wide and is a plastic tape coated with a magnetic oxide surface. Data is recorded on the tape in frames with each frame holding a character. Magnetic tape is essentially a serial storage medium.

Malnutrition : It is the condition of inadequate or unbalanced nutrition. The diet of a malnourished person may be high in essential foods but is invariably low in protein, essential minerals and vitamins. Malnutrition gives rise to numerous ailments.

Management Information System (MIS) : A computer system that integrates equipment, procedures and organizational personnel to develop information for management decision making.

Mandamus : It is an order of the Supreme Court or a High Court commanding a person or a body to do that which is his duty to do. This right is issued so that the aggrieved person can get his right fulfilled.

Mandate : Command from superior officer or judge to an inferior, right given to a person to act in the name of another; power conferred upon a state by the erstwhile League of Nations to govern a region elsewhere.

Manifesto : A written public declaration of the intentions, opinions or motives of sovereign or of a leader, party of body.

Marxism : The socialist doctrine based on the theories of Karl Marx. His ideas are that all wealth is produced by labour and should go to it. Since the labour is deprived of its fruits by capitalists, the workers must prepare for class war in which capitalism will be destroyed.

McMahon Line : The India – China border line drawn in 1914 at a British – Tibetan – Chinese conference and named after a British administrator. China, having absorbed Tibet, does not recognize the line while India insists on its legitimacy as a border – line.

Matriarchy : A form of social organization in which mother is the head of the family and in which descendant is reckoned in the female line.

May Day : First day of May every year celebrated as Workers’ Day with the slogan “workers of the world unite”.

Mediation : Friendly intervention of third person, party or country to promote reconciliation between belligerents.

Megabyte : The term used to represent 1 million (106) bytes of storage.

Mendelian Law : The principle of hybridization, discovered by Gregory Mendel, an Austrian monk, which led to improved breeds of plant and animal life.

Microcomputer : A computer system which is being fabricated around micro – processor.

Mid – term Poll : Election held before time as a result of dissolution of legislature before the end of its term.

Migration : It is an act or process of going from one country, region or place of abode to settle in another. This term is used not only for human beings but also for birds, fishes and animals. Students also migrate from one college or university to another, which means changing the place of learning.

Militancy : Reliance on force and violent methods.

Mixed Economy : An economic system where public and private sectors exist side by side.

Modem : A device that converts data into impulses and transmits them over telephone lines from the terminal to the computer and vice versa.

Monarchy : A system of government in which sovereign power vests with a single person, who may be a king, a queen, a monarch, etc. He is the source of all executive and legislative powers.

Monetary Policy : The policy of the central bank of the country with respect to supply of money and the rate of interest.

It involves an attempt by the central bank to influence the level of economic activity (investment, income, output and prices) through changing the supply of money and the rate of interest.

Money Bill : Finance bill introduced in legislature (budget etc).

Moratorium : A legally or officially determined period during which no business engagements are completed or debt or liabilities enforced. It is declared by government during a financial crisis.

Motel : A drive – in hotel for touring motorists providing all hotel facilities and garage accommodation for vehicles.

Multiprocessing : The simultaneous execution of two or more instructions employing two or more CPU’s.

Mystery Play : A medieval dramatic form based on a Biblical story, usually dealing with life, death and resurrection of Christ.

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