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Paunch Sheel : The five principles of peaceful co – existence are :

  1. Mutual respect for each others territorial integrity and sovereignty;
  2. Non – aggression;
  3. Non – interference in each others internal affairs;
  4. Mutual benefits;
  5. Peaceful co – existence.

This was jointly agreed to and proclaimed by the late Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru and the late Chinese Prime Minister Chou En – lai in 1954. It became defunct in the wake of Chinese aggression.

Paper Gold : It is the special drawing rights given to member countries of the International Monetary Fund in proportion to their quota in the Fund so that the expanding world trade can be financed on international faith and cooperation.

It is international faith and cooperation. It is international faith and cooperation. It is international money which exists on the books of IMF and changes hands through books only.

Parallel Port : A point of connection where an input or output device can be connected to attain parallel transmission.

Thus, a parallel port allows data transmission in the format in which all the bits associated with a unit of data (e.g., any alpha numeric character) are transmitted at the same instant using different (parallel) paths.

For example, in case we have a 8 bit representation of characters, then the parallel port will have 8 parallel paths.

Paramountcy : Overall supreme authority of the British over princely states in India which lapsed with Indian Independency in 1947.

Pen – down Strike : A form of strike in which office workers report for duty but do not carry on with the work.

Pentagon : A U.S. Government building which houses the Defence Department.

Per Capita Income : It is the average income of an individual wage – earner in a country in one year.

Peripherals : The devices which are external to central processing unit of computer but can be controlled by the computer. Peripherals include input – output and backing store devices.

Persons non Grata : Diplomatic envoy who is not acceptable to the host country (unwelcome person).

Personality Cult : An ironic political term for hero worship (usually there may be nothing heroic about the “hero”). It helps is the leader.

PERT (Project Evaluation and Review Technique) : A system for planning and progressing time, resource and the cost of process of linking activities with the executive.

Pillars of the Faith : The duties and religious observances of a Muslim : Lin; Ibadat Also called Pillars of Islam.

Plenipotentiary : A person invested with full of discretionary powers, as ambassador or envoy deputed by his sovereign to act at his own discretion.

Plebiscite : A vote by which the people of an entire country to district express an opinion for or against a proposed especially on a choice of government of ruler.

Plutocracy : A government by wealthy people.

Point of Order : Questioning a proceeding as not according to rule.

Polarisatuib : In science, separation of positive and negative charges; in politics, several parties merging with other like – minded particle and forming two mutually opposing forces.

Population Pyramid : It is a graph showing the distribution of population by sex, age etc, of a given region or nation.

Power Politics : Activities to get all power in one’s hands to the exclusion of worthy objects like welfare of the masses, property of the country, etc.

Preamble : The introductory part of the constitution of a country, introductory statement.

Prerogative : Exclusive right or privilege.

Primary Sector : It is the sector of the national economy which deal with the production pf primary or raw materials, i.e, agriculture, mining, forestry, fishing, etc.

Privilege Motion : It is moved by a legislator to question a breach of any member’s or the House’s privilege.

Programming Language : A high level language designed for precise description of computer programs with formal definition of statements.

Prohibition : It is a writ issued primarily to prevent an inferior court from exceeding its jurisdiction, or acting contrary to the rules of natural justice. This term is also used for a ban on sale and consumption of alcoholic drinks.

Protocol : Diplomatic etiquette between two countries.

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