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Rabi Crops : These are sown in October and November and reaped in April. Wheat, gram, linseed and mustard are rabi crops.

Random Access Memory (RAM) : Main memory of the computer that is fabricated on a semiconductor chip. Information can be read from and written to the memory by the user and, therefore, it is also called read / write memory.

Rationalisation : Reorganisation of an enterprise on a rational basis.

Recession : It is a phase in trade cycle which brings a fall with lesser intensity and lasts for a shorter period. Other phases of trade cycle are boom and depression.

Red Guards : The youth volunteers who spearheaded the cultural revolution under Mao in Red China.

Red Indian : A member of the aboriginal races of American or any of the aboriginal North and South American stock usually excluding the Eskimos. Also called American Indian.

Red Tape : The term connotes official formalities which spell inevitable delays.

Referendum : Reference of an issue directly to the public (electorate) for obtaining a majority decision.

Reparation : Compensation to be paid by a vanquished nation to a victor country.

Repatriation : Returning of an individual to his home country or in the case of a prisoner of war to his parent army.

Republic : A sovereign country whose Head of State is not a monarch or king.

Read Only Memory (ROM) : Main memory of the computer that is fabricated on as the random access memory but the contents of the main memory are fixed during manufacturing and cannot be modified i.e. only the contents can be accessed.

Rule of Law : It implies that an individual can be arrested or punished by the government only by the due process of law and that every citizen will have access to the judiciary to vindicate his legal grievances, if any.

Rural Bank : These banks which function differently from the commercial banks have been set up in rural areas to meet the cresit needs of small farmers, rural artisans, small traders, etc. These banks are an alternative source of credit to the weaker sections of the rural regions.

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